Beautiful A350 flight from LAX to Seoul

These are photos of an overnight flight I did from LAX to Seoul Incheon. I did this route in the beautiful Asiana A350. For the screenshot side of things, I wanted to play on the angles that I took the shots from, and from unusual spots, that I don’t really use that often. For the editing, I wanted to adjust the photos to make the colors on the tail pop, in contrast to some grays that I had over Korea and Japan. Enjoy!

let me know if you think some of these are over edited

Aircraft: Asiana A350
Server: Training

Parked at the Tom Bradley International Terminal in LAX with an Aeroflot, TAM, and Alitalia 777.

there is 1 impostor among us

Taxiing to 25R for departure, with a Delta 777 taking off on 25R, with an Etihad Cargo A330F doing the same on 25L

Rolling down the runway with an American 787 and an Air New Zealand 787

Fast forward, and we’re over Hokkaido in Japan

The South Korean eastern coast

Turning to align with runway 34 at Seoul Incheon

Gear down, with a beautiful RR Trent XWB

100 feet above the ground, with a Korean Air A380

Safely landed, with the nose gear coming down. I buttered it as always 😉

Parked safely on the ramp, with the baggage truck pulling up to unload

I hope you enjoyed these!

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I love the 4rd, that very good pictures and sun reflects ☀️😎

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The 7th pic is my favorite. It looks so cool

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7nd is the best by far!

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The 7th with the gear down is very nice!

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