Beautiful 787


Dang that is some good scenery eh?


Hi there thanks for sharing! Be sure you follow the #screenshots-and-videos category guidelines below. Be sure to exclude all HUDs and flight info on the image as well as including flight info and background the image all outlined in the topic below.


Sorry about that, I will be sure to read them next time

But that is a good pic right?

Yeah but shoot the photo in replay mode so it removes the extra stuff. You need to read the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category

The sunset is fantastic! It would just look 5 times better if you were to exclude some of the stuff listed in the guidelines so you can share you image at it’s full potential! The 787 is a magnificent aircraft in fleet I have to say! Keep it up.

Ah ok, this is my first time doing the #screenshots-and-videos thing, be sure to do that next time

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Alright that’s good then