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Coming from a not so game programming savvy guy. I know there are a lot of threads in reference to upgrading certain planes, and I realize that a lot possibly can go into reworking and upgrading the planes, but a lot of people, like myself, don’t fully understand what all is involved. Is it a simple man power issue, monetary shortage, or is it the tedious technical aspect of, I guess upgrading code, or a simple combination of all the above? I believe making a go to thread to show what it takes may possibly clear up the forum with these types of topics.


The process of reworking an aircraft is extremely complicated. There needs to be 3D modelling which takes quite a while, especially with the high LOD of the newer aircraft. Then there are the animations for things such as landing gear, doors and fight controls. Furthermore, all the textures I.e. liveries and cockpit textures need to be redone, and some liveries can be quite complicated to include due to copyright restrictions. And there’s also the new flight physics which are difficult to acquire and to implement. And with the most recent reworks, new sound packs have come, which need to be sourced. And after all this is done, it’s time to begin testing and bug squashing which takes quite a while depending on what’s discovered. So even though it’s a rework, it’s basically rebuilding the plane from scratch.


To add on to Elliot’s reply, the development team of Infinite Flight is extremely small which further extends the development process.


Great explanation! Mods should copy and paste your comment and make it a sticky on the main forum page. Appreciate it!


Totally agree, it takes lots and lots of work.

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Yep, and a lot of skill

People don’t seem to realize how difficult it is to fully develop an aircraft. They expect it can be done in weeks, when it takes 7-12 months.

And to those people, I say: If you want it that badly, join Infinite Flight LLC and do it yourself.


Yep, and people seem to be annoyed that they aren’t free, even though this is the developers job and they need to make a living. And tbh, if the latest planes were released as payware for pc sims, they’d probably be much more expensive than £9.49/month.

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They don’t, because like me, they don’t understand the complicated technical aspects that go in gaming. This is precisely why I believe there needs to be a sticky in bold print on the first page of the forum. It would help reduce duplicate posts for, when is this plane getting updated…, why does this plane not handle as good as another plane…etc. I for one think that for the features we get the $10 subscription is cheap. Elliot’s post explains it very well!!!

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