Beast From The East | KMSP 8-9-20

Hello IFC, MSP has had the pleasure of having UR-82072 return, last time this aircraft was here was in May during the spring. Today it came from Cologne after a fueling stop in Goose Bay, seemed to be carrying some large wooden crates. Now that I have my license I can drive myself to spot specials which is awesome! The last two times I have seen this aircraft I had pictures in difficult lighting conditions, this time though I had a new spot near a state park and I decided to head over there to catch it on final at a different angle. Good thing I didn’t go to the usual spot as people there were complaining about their pictures being useless due to heat haze. I wish there were some clouds for a nice backdrop, but at least the lighting was nice. Maybe I’ll catch it with a more interesting composition when it departs tomorrow.

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Beautiful Photos!

Dang missed it! It’s never there when I’m there.
It was there after I left last time 😂

Dang spotted this afternoon topic already out quick

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