"Bearing to Next" in long-haul Flights


I’ll give an exemple to explain my “concern”. Before the flight, as normal, I fill up my Flight Plan. Then, I’ll see what heading I should follow in order to reach my first fixe. Let say that my “Bearing to Next” is showing “80*”.

But during cruise, and for the same fixe, this value will continually change (due to rounded shape of the earth I believe!).

So for a same fixe the value just after rotation can be 80* but turn to 130* few hours later.

In order to avoid checking every hours and having to change the heading very often, is there a way to plan in advance what will the “final value”?

It changes due to winds and the curvature of the earth depending on your destination

Why don’t you just use NAV?


Isn’t nav only for approach?

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Thats APPR nav is different.


No. NAV takes you to the next waypoint on your flightplan without you having to do anything, and turns on its own.


Oh yes! I was confusing with this button!

The B787-10 doesn’t offer “NAV”, only “APPR NAV”.

So once you are en-route you just tap it and it follows the FPL the whole way.
On APPR NAV you tap it and select which one you want, kind of like selecting your flaps setting.


You have to press that and select NAV.

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Well, thanks a lot!
I’ve just learnt something!

Apologies for not being aware of that feature.


Ya know what they say… You learn something new every day!


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