Bearing To Confusion

Ok, I had a little bit of trouble while flying my flight today… It’s the first time I’ve really used the Auto Pilot and a flight plan… So I was flying, and the bearing to at the bottom said 17 degrees… Does that mean I turn to 17 degrees on heading when I reach my next way point, or does it mean something else? Thanks

Bearing is the heading you turn to to stay on course.


With your flight plan.

The bearing will tell you what heading to turn to in order to stay (or get back on) course (your flight plan). Adjust your heading on the autopilot controls to correspond with what the bearing is indicating.

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@OQ32. MaxSez: CAUTION; the system will prompt your turns to a new bearing by text at the top of the screen and should engage the next leg of your plan,
a new bearing will auto set on your dashboard. In both manual & auto on occasion the switch will fail and the next leg will not automatically activate. Keep an eye on the Chart or your Cockpit Radar Plot. Be aware of this system anomaly you could end up in Timbuktu if you miss the turn because of an autopilot/system error.


The degrees the bearing gives is the heading you need to be set on to arrive at your next waypoint.

Why[quote=“Maxmustang, post:5, topic:62082”]
Special place?

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It was jokes.

Bearing would give you the headings to get back on track but the problem is I wouldn’t tell you the speed to go so always go slow when making turns.

@Solgen… “Timbuktu”, just an off the beaten track city that most youngsters never heard of. Just useing it as fish bait, there’s a lotta guppies in the IF sea,
Thanks for taking the bait. LOL… Regards.

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I think this belongs to support.

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@Maxmustang A wrong turn at Albuquerque and one could easily find their self in Timbuktu or the dreaded BFE. Funny stuff.

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