Bear with ATC in South Florida - its Manic!

All pilots on the Expert Server

Please be patient for all the controllers right now in the South Florida Region! I have not seen it this busy for ages.

I was just working Approach, and the number of people that were sending duplicate messages after not getting a response in 30 seconds was amazing… please bear with all the controllers and do not bombard them with messages!!

If in doubt, and not heard from the controller, best thing to do would be put yourself into a hold until you hear back from them! keeps the airspace clean and tidy, without 20+ people heading the same direction from all different angles!!

Happy Flying!


Thanks for this message!
I care for our ATC friend and I hope that others will to. You guys bust your ass controlling a crazy airspace and many pilots don’t listen to simple orders. Give ATC some respect guys!
I am personally proud to fly with the best virtual ATC in the world!


MAJOR lag for the controllers. Please be considerate for the ATC and dont complain about any delays. And dont be alarmed if red runways are used at places like Fort Lauderdale and Tampa.


Adding on to that… The lag is causing tons of app crashes. If a frequency suddenly goes offline, remain calm as we will expedite to reopen it.


Stack em up in holds to catch up. Use your new tools. :)


Good idea - but hardly a pilot knows how to use it yet.

I don’t know who was controlling FLL. I was the Horizon Q400. I was trying to land at FLL. After being cleared for 10L, I came on short final to find another aircraft taking off and the controller disappearing. I went around a full pattern, and on short final a controller came on line and told me to enter right downwind for 28R. I was so put off I quit the flight than rather be ghosted. Please don’t redirect us on short final.

I’m not sure who the controller was, but it sounds like he did the right thing. He almost definitely had an app crash or network failure. Then someone entered the runway without checking his surroundings so when tower came back online he needed you to abort your landing to avoid conflict. No reason for you to end the flight, and you would not have been ghosted as you did nothing wrong. You should have just stayed and let him sequence you back in.

I do ;) hope atc uses this

Can’t learn if it isn’t offered!

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I would agree if I wasn’t on short final and hadn’t originally filed the 28R Z approach, and hadn’t already deviated (now twice) for 10L. Plus absolutely nothing is more disruptive than trying to respond to ATC while trying to keep your tablet angled perfectly for an approach.

ATC was just trying to avoid an incursion on the runway. It would have never happened if the controller hadn’t encountered application issues because he would have told the aircraft on the ground to hold short (most likely). Next time you’re in a situation like this, just make a quick turn onto downwind and wait for further instructions. :)

Chapeau to @Tamz00 for an amazing approach service at KMIA.

MarceloM made me line up, and SirMS was on final, and he DIDN’T CLEAR ME for takeoff. I had to beat it before a collision took place.

There was like 4 ATC’s open in SoFlo… why dont the controllers seperate to different regions, that way people would spread out and it wont get too packed ? I understand ATC is hard and I appreciate everything you guys do, I really enjoy it. But dont open so many airports in one place, spread out to different regions :)

We’ve tried that, it isnt working.


Tbh he could’ve did better than that. Sending me to the middle of nowhere until I sent a check-in then he redirected me. I understand that it’s busy. And then he made me almost crash into @Lare when he’s on final.

KMIA is currently ground zero or no mans land right now lol

Crazy at KMIA

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