Beach Trip @S16 - 031630ZAPR19

  • Aircraft and Livery : Cessna 172

  • Route : We will depart from KTMK and we will arrive at S16

  • Time of Departure : 1630 ZULU 3 April

  • Server : Expert Server

  • Additional Information:
    Guys, S16 is the first airport that I’ve edited, and I wanted to share it with the community. feel free to join,

  • Notam Both KTMK and S16 are little airport and there is no atc, so if there is no space go around. Also be respectful.

    Cruising speed will be 100 IAS, And the altitude will be 2000 ft.

I’m here. Nice and cloudy :)

That landing… lol

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Haha haha I knew I was gonna blow it. Got distracted by work! That was fun!

Yes it was, bye

And thanks for doing the runway. It’s cool to be able to land on the beach!

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