Be Thankful For Big Bear VA Event @ L35 - 252100ZNOV16

Server: Casual

Region: SoCal

Airport: L35, KLAX, KSNA

Time: 2100Z
Aircraft: *Airbus A320 Family (Generic Livery)

NOTAM: We will take off from L35 (Big Bear Airport) and go to KLAX. After a touch and go at KLAX we will head to KSNA for a full stop landing and a group pic.

Speeds and Altitudes L35-KLAX: 12000 ft MSL, 345 KIAS. KLAX-KSNA: 5000 ft MSL 260 KIAS

Big Bear VA just recently made a big addition to our fleet! We added the Airbus A318, A319, and for only staff members to fly, the Airbus A320!

Event sponsored by Big Bear VA
Interested in joining? Contact Me or @GolferRyan!

Our Website


Credit to addition of the new aircraft to our fleet goes to R3Life, 😉look forward to coming if I can

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That is a sharp turn coming out of LAX!

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8,000 feet is quite high for a flight from KLAX to KSNA. Should be 5,000 feet in my opinion.


What time is it today? 9 pm?

Just fixed it

2100 Zulu time:)

Yep:) Always more fun especially because it is on casual.

10 Minutes!

Last chance 1 minute!

Copy my FPL!

Let’s go my friends!

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345 KIAS guys!

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@PlaneCrazy whats your

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Remember to check our new website!

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I don’t have Live:-(

oh, ok!
no problem

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