Be safe & look after each other friends!

I know this is a completely generic, non IF post - however from the safety way across the pond in the U.K. I cannot help but feel some concern about Hurricane Irma and the damage she will leave in her wake.

I just wanted to say to all of my IFC friends that are in her path - that I hope you’re safe, well protected and that you all make it through unharmed with your own nearest and dearest.

For those not seeing the news, Irma is a Category 5 storm who’s wind speeds are in excess of 185mph heading straight for several smaller island communities. Here is the hurricanes predicted path:

Credit: BBC News

So, I think the entire IF community will join me here - in wishing you all a very safe time during Irma, and I look forward to hearing all your stories on your return to the IFC.

All the very best, Mags.


Florida won’t have to worry about the rain…just the wind. I heard it’s topping 200 mph!


As you said, the entire IF community wishing you all a very safe time during Irma.