Be nice on live!

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Hi there buddy please add more discription to your post. It took me a minute to relise what you were referring to.

Anyway you must have been on PG, that sort of behavior is everywhere. People just don’t care…

I had a short session on controlling ground and tower on PG at EGNX in the London region yesterday. I would say the majority did listen and follow instructions. There were one or two who were trying to but were clearly not as proficient so made a few mistakes, and then one person who just decided to ignore me and do whatever he wanted regardless of other users. It is the last category of those who just don’t care which is most annoying really, and spoils it for others.

This works for me 99% percent of the time:

  1. Repeat instruction or new instruction

  2. State please follow instructions

  3. State instruction and quickly follow with please follow instructions

If this doesn’t work than you have a nasty B*gga on your hands…

I did all of 1, 2, and 3 with this person and they still didn’t listen! As you say though most do listen and, with some firm prompting sometimes, follow instructions.

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Just don’t ATC in SoCal or Another region when it’s packed and you’ll be fine. :)

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