Be careful what you wish for

I’ll go ahead and create a new topic on this and my reason why is simple…

I just dont feel like you all know what you ask for somtimes.

Can half of you run the CRJ on your devices?

You asked for it…and Infinite Flight is delivering to you the Airbus a350…

It has been suggested that it will be the ultimate release aircraft…full live cockpits, 4k aircraft…its not wonder at all that they changed their max graphic setting to “ludicrous”…

Do any of you know what that means…ludicrous…

It means that your device needs fire insurance…


Ok this actually made me chuckle😂 But you can always turn down your settings or you can get rid of some storage!


The ludicrous setting wasn’t bought in for the top end devices. I can run the ludicrous on my iPhone XS and iPad 2018 with only minor heating issues. If your device can’t handle ludicrous then try the best setting which is still a much higher quality than most other Mobile simulators.


I’d say I agree, although my devices are capable of running every aircraft, if this is a topic that you mean the app is too big and the device get hot then turn on the auto battery saver in the settings

Infinite flight is a big simulator, if you want it to run well you need an up to date device, otherwise the device are not able to handle it

Congratulations with your birthday 🎁 @Joseph007


As technology grows it’s gonna be where we’re all at some point going to have to upgrade devices. Just wait until lights , clouds , buildings, etc come in play.


I spent 250 on the ipad 2018, and 900+ on the iPad pro…

I’m still scared


Same here easily I have invested over 1500 dollars in iPads, foreflight , 3rd party apps


This has not been confirmed yet


My 2017 IPad Pro still runs IF on high graphics settings, and it works just fine 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I know you being serious here but this is really funny. On a more serious note I have always been worried about how some of us demand new updates from the developers and sometimes we don’t even know the consequences of it.

I use the iPad 2018 on full settings even on the CRJ and it runs smoothly. Hopefully the A350 won’t be the beginning and the end of my beloved iPad😂

This is especially true for the decathlon. It being replaced by the cub means that performance wise, that type of aircraft will be much more demanding.

Hmh, see a lot of people have devices though which are perfectly capable of handling the new high requirements.

Nobody is being restricted from playing the game as even folks who don’t own devices that are able of handling Infinite Flight on Ludicrous level can still change the graphics settings.

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The devs have already said that the A350 will not have a full live cockpit because quite a bit of devices wouldn’t be able to run it.

I have a 2016 iPad Pro 9.7 inch and it is still running IF fine

I only ran into one incident where IF would freeze up but that was because of WiFi issues

I love how powerful this iPad is

Wait, when did they say that?

I’m not sure. Been a while, a couple weeks, I think. Don’t quote me on this. I’m not even 100% sure they even said that.

I have the iPhone 7 and it still runs IF perfectly with no issues except some small heating on ULH flights. I will upgrade in 2020 because 5G will happen.

You’re device won’t catch fire as long as it is relatively new. I have the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I will run it on ludicrous for 9+ hours with no screen burn and my phone stays at a cool temp.

I won’t have an issue. I got a powerful device that can easily handle that! Looking forward to see if there will be live instruments and a 4k plane!

As for those with lower end devices, I’m sure there will be options to lower the plane graphics.