Be able to see Airport Parking whilst in the air and Pre-Select/Save it for a quick request when contacting ground.

Not sure if this topic has already been made but I was on descent/approach and was thinking of pre-planning myself a parking gate (suitable for my widebody aircraft) and realised you couldn’t see the the airport parkings until touchdown.

It would be pretty useful to be able to see the airport parking from the air on the map (maybe 10,000ft or less) so we can find the gate we want. Also, then we can tap on the parking and there would be an option to save it for quick reference.

(e.g. When you contact ground you select request parking and the first parking option is highlighted so that you can quickly tell ground which gate you want without wasting time looking on the map).

I get you technically can just look at airport charts but it would still be more efficient for an app-included method like this one, especially if you want to know if your aircraft will fit in that gate (or if the airport on IF isn’t updated to the irl airport chart)

On ground

In air

I’m out of votes, but I def want to see this! Will be saving this for one of my next ones. Don’t forget to vote for your own feature (if you can)!


I love this idea!


I love this idea but I running out of votes.


I’m pretty sure they’re visible from air. It’s just that the airport has to be the closest airport from current location.

This would be amazing

Not sure if this suggestion has been made before but i would like to add on to this parking feature is that at the parking gate, there could be markings on the ground which tells which specific aircraft should stop at. This can be used at airports that do not have the parking system at the front or maybe every airport.

Tried it on final and it isn’t shown (as shown in the picture I shared).

True, If there isn’t a topic about that you can probably create one

Genius idea

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Actually so genius because right now I need to use a second device on IF to see parking at the airport I’m going to.


This is a good idea!

Thanks, small but very useful feature

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Definitely voting for this.

Yeah you can usually see it on final, but by that point it’s a bit too late.

I was thinking maybe instead of a distance where it will load all airports with a set radius, maybe you have to click “load parking stands”, then it starts loading them at the airport you selected. Or any airport that is in your FPL.

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