Be able to move game data to SD card

I would like there to be an option in the settings menu where we can save the game data… Such as the planes and other textures that now take up more space. I think most of us would like this. My tablet has such few games with only 16gb of space. IF currently takes up almost 25% of that space

Could be useful because IF on my device takes about 3 gigabytes of storage space on my roughly 16 by hard drive.


You can do this currently on Android from the application manager. Selft infinite flight, tap on storage, and you have the option of changing it to SD card.

I am not sure on Apple devices.

Keep in mind that the planes are saved locally but the scenery is streamed. I have always hovered around the same disk usage with all planes downloaded.


There is no such thing as separate storage on any iDevice. All internal.


Yes but most of the time no data is actually moved. And on my Shield tablet that is not an option. I am unable to do it

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Some apps you have to uninstall, reinstall, change the storage, then redownload planes. Try that and see.

No still unable to do it

I disagree with your solution to this problem, but I have another one that might work. There should be an option to delete planes you have downloaded (since from what I understand, that takes up most of the space). That way, you only have to download the plane you are going to use for your flight right before you begin the session, and you can still keep the functionality and save a lot of space.

The key thing I said above is “option”, because you don’t want to have to re-download if you are on cellular data

As IF and all the aircraft it downloads are separated, there is a way on android phones to split the basic application and the In app downloads. This will also therefore free up internal memory space, and surprisingly can help increase run speed

Can’t you save it onto the cloud thingy?

That would be insanely slow

No world of tanks has it and it is fine

Most of the time nothing is moved. Very few apps actually take advantage of it.

They are most likely saving the game progress, not all the textures and assets.

Game progress isn’t a few gigs of space

are you sure this is all in the cloud…

I know Infinite Flight uses a system of streaming scenery, but this is not what I’m talking about.

All the data is on my sd card

Just a tip for Apple users if your planning to change over I recommend moving you’re IF data to a mac if one is available. It helps when your constantly add space to load new terrain blocks. It will add all to your new device when you move.

Well… you said it’s in the cloud.

You’re really not making any sense.

I never said in the cloud from the beginning i said sd card