Be able to look up other people's accounts without having to find them in a topic

Hey guys I think it would be easier if you could look up somebody’s account without having to find it in a topic. For example, if you would like to look at their bio then you could without having to search on a topic. You could do for example, you could type in @Riley_Grim. But it wouldn’t do it if you didn’t type in the @ sign. Sorry if this is supposed to be in #meta I don’t know if it should be in #features or #meta. Have a great day!

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Cant you already do that. JUst use the search feature and type in there name


You can already do that.

I’m talking about if you would like to look up somebody’s account and it would show up and not be blank.

As we’re using Discourse as a platform, feature developments are up to them.
Even though there can be some us for this, there are already good ways to look up a user :)


Hi Riley,
You can already do this. Just follow the steps I will provide below.


  1. Press the three lines
  2. Go to “Users”

3. Search the user’s name.

Hope this helps.


You are able to look up a users account on a computer. However the mobile safari platform does not allow you to look up specific users.

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Oops! Sorry guys! A mod can close this.

If you follow @Aceorbit’s steps, I was able to sucessfully filter users by username on the Discourse app & via safari.

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