Be able to fly visual approaches

With the addition of the GPS, there is no more chance to fly visual approaches.
What about adding the Visual option in the “Approach list” which fades out the localizer and the glideslope?


I agree :)

One workaround for now (although not glamorous), would be to tune into a GPS at a nearby airstrip. Just press and hold on the GPS indicator and select another one. OBviously that would make your glideslope indicator blink at the top or bottom constantly, but you’d then be free to fly the visual without any help.

I’m on board with this feature request though. Nice one.

Yes, just tune to another airport. Maybe they can come out with an option

100% agree. I HATE the fact they’ve installed a glideslope at every single runway. And it annoys the hell out of me the needles blinking when using the workaround by changing to another approach.

You could always turn the HUD off? That’s what I do, turn the HUD off and just set my status bar to display heading, IAS, vertical speed and yoke even in ILS approaches I do that because I don’t want to see the HUD lol :D

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Bump. We can request GPS approach now but not visual yet.