Be Able to Choose Your Approach Using IFR Plates

I believe this should be added because this would give the pilots a good idea of a RL approach. Whereas for ATC, they can click on the aircraft on the radar screen and view the approach that they are following. Here are some examples:

As you can see, the plate shows the procedures on the map and describes the approach in text as well on the bottom. The plate even clearly states waypoints and what the appropriate altitude and heading is to create a safe, smooth descent on approach. You may also notice that the plate lists weather minimals for the approach. (Although we don’t have visuals such as bridges in IF, these wold still be very helpful to a pilot :) ) These examples are only some VISUAL PLATES


For more visual (and even RNAV, VOR and LOC) approaches, please make sure to visit

  1. Type in airport ICAO or IATA
  2. Choose IFR Plates
  3. Choose your plate
  4. Analyze
  5. Practice it if you want (on IF that is)



Been discussed a few times under STAR and SID. Agree by great if could be added somehow on to future update, perhaps when you select an airport / runway on the map the appropriate STAR/SID is are shown for you to select. If ATC also has same options then all parties would have a clear idea on sequencing routes in/ out.

Yes! And possibly placed on the yoke or next to the pilots! :)

Was thinking that overlay on the map screen would be easiest way to implement ;-)

Yeah, possibly as a new map page then?

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I think you’re half and alf because all the pilots would fly the approach, I believe the approach frequency just guides them to line-up with it. And from there, tower takes over. (I believe)

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Ah love the Belmont Approach :)

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I take it all the time (IRL and on IF) So…zig-zaggy

Not available for every airport :)

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A good place to start would be a “proceed direct” command. As well as hold at.

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I believe Tyler said more commands are coming soon, let’s just wait and see :)

Some players aren’t in use currently IRL, so it may say that you have to pay