Be able to change the appearance of the pilots at our discretion

Hello everyone!
As you know, on many IF aircraft nowadays, there are pilots in the cockpit, however, it’s not us who choose them (for example, if you simulate the life of a male pilot, with the male voice but the pilot’s body is female, it destroys a bit our imagination.

That’s why I wondered if we couldn’t do the same thing as the voices, because as they are changeable (with several male and female voices), I thought it would be great if we could do the same thing for the pilots’ physique.

It’s true that when you say it like that, it sounds super simple, but I think it must be quite difficult to program such a thing, but look, if you see well, there are already some characters that are ready to be used!

Take a look here from seb :)

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Yet I had searched in the search bar and found nothing about it :/

I’m not going to close this as it is a fair request, but to echo Seb in that topic, it’s not something that will have our attention as we do have 549 other things to do!


Put Laura in all my planes. Fight me.

I like the concept, but to be honest, I don’t see this as a huge deal. I mostly fly in the cockpit view anyway, so it’s not like I notice.

However, from the standpoint of mirroring the voice to a person, it makes sense. I’ll bookmark this for later. 😉