Be able to buy 737-700 BBJ


Yes, I will try to find the source. Give me a few moments.


I PMed him, k cannot find the original source. I apologize.


Here we go, I found a passage from the infinite flight website. Look in the largest paragraph to the bottom of this picture


Who cares how much they make! If you play the game you clearly are contributing, and you wouldn’t be doing so unless you enjoyed the game. Yes there is a lot of work to be done, but it’s not free. If you honestly think that the development of the game and the equipment needed to advance the app is all free then you are in complete denial.


If you don’t like Infinite Flight then:

  1. Why do you continue to play a game you don’t like?
  2. Why are you on a forum where people who like Infinite Flight??


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I can tell you that they do use the money to develop infinite flight as well as support their families. Behind the scenes many new things are brewing from the folks at FDS, just look how far we’ve come so far from the initial iOS and Andriod releases. I remember just a few planes and regions when the first public release was pushed to the App Store, now we have multiplayer, ATC, just got new weather rendering, lots of planes, and more planes coming shortly.

Also @MarshallRotar if you’re a programmer, you should understand the costs associated with developing a simulation as your sole job, as well as the complexity of a simulation built from scratch.


Look. Yes they make a lot of money probably due to the number of people who ENJOY infinite flight! Who cares! Who doesn’t want more money! They are humans jus like the rest of us, what would you like them to do? Pinky use the money for servers and development and chuck all the rest of the money away? No, because if it was you, you’d want money to live and money for luxuries on top of that. If you make a good game you are bound to earn decent money, yes the money could be used for improving the game which they probably do! The prices are good were they are at currently.


Does the 20 purchases include buying Live by any chance?


No. Unless you buy the 1 year subscription and then you get everything.


Ok thanks.