Be able to buy 737-700 BBJ

Hello, I was thinking if-t would be nice if we could now buy the 737-700 BBJ as you have just added an awesome feature only to this aircraft. I have about 10 purchases + live (monthly as cant pay for 1 year) and can’t think buying 10 extra aircrafts only for this. This new feature seems awesome and it would be a pitty if you had to buy 10 aircrafts / have live for a year to be able to use it.
Maybe set an expensive price, but please let us buy it individually.

What do you guys think,

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Save up for Live+ it saves you money in the long term, trust me. Also, FDS have said they’ll roll the auto land to other aircraft so don’t worry dude :)

Read what Matt said here:

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Thanks m8, I thought they were only keeping it for this aircraft. But i feel a bit silly buying live+ as i have spent about 40$ in aircrafts :(

It’s free with 20 purchases to get you to buy more aircraft. Knowing that they want more $ for development, they provide the BBJ-1 as incentive for purchasing more content. They also throw in the 747SP SOFIA to further give you incentive.

Also if they were to allow you to purchase the BBJ-1 and not lose any money, this is what they’d have to charge you: $5*20=$100. $100 used straight-up for an 2 aircraft (Let alone 1) is unreasonable hence they make it free with 20 purchases (And purchases include the cheaper $3 purchases too).

Long story short it would be great for those that don’t have it yet but I doubt it would happen, tbh.

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Dont worry ive soens 125 dolalrs and i lost my bbj even after 20 plus purchases

Nope, the reason the BBJ is at 20+ purchases…marketing…you feel the need to get the plane, so that makes you BUY BUY BUY 💸💸💸

I did buy but i still didnt get the plane

People would just buy the 737 bbj for the new features and we’d only have those flying around then.

No, I would fly others. I’ve only flown the BBJ a couple times, I am more of a fan of the smaller aircraft. Such as the ERJ…etc. I’m telling you guys, it’s marketing.

Of course it’s marketing! Why do you think they have made the new update orientate around the BBJ? The only plane that needs 20 purchases to fly. This means other players will want to buy the plane to experience the new update first hand, and thus meaning they will have to purchase 20 other aircrafts ir purchase a live+ subscription.

Money money money :)

But they deserve a lot of it.

I’m afraid I dont really understand what you are getting at?

No, one of the Devs stated it cost over 1,000 dollars to keep the servers running, Per month (I could be wrong with the he timeframe thing. And the three Developers have to get paid, along with MAYBE for requesting to use the airlines for a certain livery. This is their jobs, and they need to get paid, personally I think this is a very reasonable price, and you must agree with it, because you are still on the forum, and created an account for it. So stop causing trouble with this.

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