BBJ World Business Trip Adventure

A couple hours later we would then be bound for Abu Dhabi, UAE from Athens! after the business partners were done sorting out their logistical things in Greece before we knew it they were back at the airport to continue their Business trip! Last preparations for departure at Athens :

Pushback complete, let’s taxi!

Bye-Bye Greece, Abu Dhabi here we come! Just after sunset departure:


There was not much to see during this night flight, so the majority of the Executives were sleeping during the flight:

Starting our approach into Abu Dhabi after around 3h20m of flight time. Of course the views are much better during the day:

Final Approach RWY 13L:

Arrival at Abu Dhabi, UAE at 12:22 AM
Welcome to Abu Dhabi (OMAA) after 3 hours and 46 minutes of flight time from Athens (LGAV)
We parked at the General Aviation tie down stands, and this is where the BBJ3 will be staying until it’s next journey:

This flight from

The business partners will be attending a scheduled business meeting with some business partners from around the world later on today, this is why they left Greece early. We currently don’t know how long they’ll be staying in Abu Dhabi until they move on to the next country but until then, cheers!


After spending 4 days in Abu Dhabi, The business partners decided it was time to leave the United Arab Emirates and leave for the next destination today, Kabul! the capital city of Afghanistan!
Abu Dhabi (OMAA) to Kabul (OAKB)

Final preparations on the ground before embarking:

After a fast taxi. Holding short of RWY 13R, our departure runway:

Goodbye Abu Dhabi! On course to Kabul!

Leaving the UAE:

Flying over Iran. Hello Iran!

Hello-Hello there Afghanistan!

Descending into Kabul:

Final Approach RWY 29:

Welcome to Kabul, Afghanistan! After 2h9min of flight time from Abu Dhabi

Taxiing to parking. The business partners were commenting on how the amazing mountain range of Afghanistan looking out the windows, it is amazing indeed:

We parked at one of the remote aprons. The plane will be parked here for however long the the business executives are in Kabul. It was such a nice flight with an amazing afternoon arrival.

Today’s Flight:

Luckily today we already know the the next destination! but we dont know when exactly but definitely within the next 7 days! It’s been confirmed soon from Kabul, we’ll be off to Karachi! the capital city of Pakistan! Until next time, Cheers!

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That was a long 7 days wasn’t it😂! Other than that today we continued our journey to Karachi, Pakistan 🇵🇰 from Kabul!

Kabul, Afghanistan (OAKB) to Karachi, Pakistan (OPKC)

Good afternoon! Preparing for departure at Kabul:

Bye-Bye Kabul!

Cruising Altitudes were 36000ft & 38000ft

The executives really enjoyed the views!

Descending into Karachi!

Welcome to Pakistan!

Parked at one of the remote aprons:

The plane will be here until it’s next journey to South East Asia! The date we dont know yet! Can you guess the country? I heard the Busines partners will also be doing a road trip to one of the other cities, Lahore & will also pass through Peshawar as well then return back to Karachi! Anyways the flight time today was 1h41m:

Until next time, Cheers!

After spending several weeks in Pakistan the Executives travelled back home to prepare for a special unexpexted upcoming business meeting coming soon!

Preparing for departure at Karachi (OPKC)

Goodbye Pakistan 👋🇵🇰 it’s been a pleasure

Cruising altitude was 36000ft

Descending into Harare, Zimbabwe! 🇿🇼

After several months away welcome back to where it all started!

So this is the chill spot for the plane until it’s next special flight to the Caribbean!

Karachi, Pakistan to Harare Zimbabwe (OPKC-FVRG)
Flight time was 7h26mins

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The journey continued yesterday from Zimbabwe where we left off last time the plan was to fly to Kingston, Jamaica (Direct flight exceeds aircraft range) Fuel situation was tricky and sadly didn’t make it the way we wanted. Of course full tank was packed.

I had a plan to stop at St Helena Island for refuelling but kept on flying because it looked a bit too far from the fpl & presumed that I’ll be able to land at further islands closer to the fpl🏝 . Then I tried to glide with 1 engine until fuel finished then unfortunately didn’t make it but tried my best. Reason for Abrupt ending: Very very poor flight planning and miss judging distances and times and unorganised preparations for fuel stops, very silly mistakes and definitely could’ve been avoided but ay better prepared and more organised flights ahead in such situations! Here’s the journey anyways : Departure, Harare Zimbabwe

Around 6 hours later over the Atlantic:

9h22m of flying this is when I decided to land At (TFFF) Martinique a further island Around 2 hours 30 mims away as a refuel stop so I could continue on to Jamaica with Sufficient fuel and completlly miss judged the flight time & distance to the airport flight time to TFFF showed as sufficient with fuel to get there from the timing on the fpl wpts but on a tight margin

This is where the fuel finished since TFFF was too far and the wpt times didn’t match now I then decided to go to St Lucia the nearest island at the time but as you can see: Fell short unfortunately:

If we could see animations of water emergency landings: But heres a picture of just before & after:

Despite what happened sadly not the one session via route that we wanted: fixed plane spawned back in Continued, on from TLPL the closest Island to Jamaica 🇯🇲 just to finish the journey anyways, after around 2 hours flight from St Lucia: Kingston, Jamaica (MKJP) RWY12 approach & Arrival:

Since we didn’t finish the last planned flight in one session as always did, I think this is where the official Business trip ends, ofcourse may still fly business jets the future! This business trip was fun visiting various countries from wherever we left off like a little career mode haha, Adventure Officially started in December 2023, 1st flight was late September 2023 landed in Jamaica Sunday - 9 June 2024. BTW I wanted to change the in-progress away thingy for the thread but the edit pen or pencil thing isn’t there anymore but anyways it’s been a pleasure!

Parked at Kingston:


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