BBJ World Business Trip Adventure

Welcome to the World Business Trip like no other where we’ll be transporting some business executive partners to various destinations around the world to do their business! On board no other than the Outstanding Boeing 737-900 BBJ!

🇷🇪 The screenshot above shows the Boeing Business Jet B739 finally flying back to Mozambique flying over Réunion Island a couple moments after take-off after Being in Mauritius since September when I flew it there from Zimbabwe so the plane is currently sitting at Beira Mozambique right now and will go back to Zimbabwe soon! It depends on how long the business executives want to stay in Mozambique 😂 we landed back in Mozambique yesterday afternoon Central African Time

If you’re struggling to fully understand here’s the link for full story: Zimbabwe to Mauritius via Mozambique

As you can see from the video link above this whole journey started in Harare, Zimbabwe (FVRG), then flew to Mauritius via Beira (FQBR) Mozambique as the very first business route route and there’s more to come! all flights are on the Expert Server we might even end up travelling the whole world! There is no particular schedule for this Boeing Business Jet adventure trip so normally the Business partners decide where to go for their next destination mostly whilst staying in whatever country they are staying in and then I update it here on the latest reply on the thread, let’s see where the next adventure takes us!

If you find yourself reading along and it sounds like I’m talking in the present moment but the particular flight you’re reading about already happened days or weeks ago don’t worry just act like you’re also in that present moment as you go along the thread, I don’t really know how to put it but hopefully you understand haha. Let’s go!

Here’s the BBJ3 B739 in Real Life, cool isn’t it?


The Trip continues! 🇲🇿🇿🇼

Departed from Beira, Mozambique today for the final leg of the return trip to Harare, Zimbabwe (FQBR-FVRG) the business executives enjoyed their 1 day stay in the city of Beira, Mozambique and were finally ready to go back to Zimbabwe some of them stayed in Mozambique

Views of the Pungwe River a couple moments after Departure from Beira Int’l (BEW)

After arrival at Harare (HRE) finally back in Zimbabwe after being in Mauritius for the trip since September! Arrival was today at around 3:15 PM Central African Time, see you at the next adventure!


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After a short maintenence flight was done on Friday 15 December in Harare then Finally 2 weeks later the Executives decided that they were ready to go International once again,
[Maintenence Flight imgs below]

The trip continued 1 day ago (18-19 December) to Seychelles via layover in Nampula, Mozambique and Mayotte, I departed late at night @11:56pm of too Nampula (FQNP) as the first layover, then flew to Mayotte (FMCZ) as the second layover for Seychelles which was quite longer to pick up the rest of the International business executives
Departure Harare:

Layover Nampula:

Layover Mayotte:

Harare (FVRG) to Mayotte (FMCZ) via Nampula (FQNP):

The trip continued almost a day later, Departure Mayotte (FMCZ):

I know Seychelles was the final destination for this leg of the journey but surprisingly we never stayed there long, little did we know we would be out of Seychelles just over an hour later because the Executives decided they wanted to quickly continue their trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia but luckily with the company of @SeerAir887 in an Ethiopian B738 (Generic) also coming with us to Addis Ababa (HAAB) from Seychelles
Quick stop at Seychelles:

@SeerAir887 on the right hand side

Departure Seychelles:

After a 2h+ flight from Seychelles, Welcome to Ethiopia!

Mayotte (FMCZ) to Seychelles (FSIA) to Ethiopia (HAAB):

the Executives are staying in Ethiopia for the evening and we are off to Dubai tomorrow from Addis Ababa - Direct without stops

Tommorows route: HAAB-OMDB the flight departure time will be at around 11:25pm CAT 20 December 2023 on Expert Server as always

The trip continued today from Ethiopia to Dubai Flight time was 3h30m (HAAB to OMDB)

Preparing for departure at Addis Ababa 1pm

Some flight shots

Amazing sunset Approach

Parked at Dubai

So right now the plane is chilling in Dubai at one of the remote stands waiting for it’s next adventure from DXB which is yet to be decided with the Executives!


8 days later they decided to go to Doha Qatar for more business of course😂, as you know this was quite a short flight because Qatar is not far away at all from the UAE so it was a real short day for flying today, under an hour flight time here are some shots of todays quick adventure below:

Getting ready for departure at Dubai

Bye-Bye Dubai! RWY 12L

Final RWY 34R

Arrived, Welcome to Doha! Now the BBJ awaits it’s next adventure

Liveflight map of today’s flight

The flight time was 41 minutes and the Cruising altitude was 25000ft.

There is an excited anticipation for next adventure out of Doha, I heard the business executives saying they might want to go to Istanbul, Turkey next! Direct Nonstop from Doha so that’s the next adventure see you next time!

bet that i can fly 12 hours from aceh to samoa 😏

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Wow bravo! In the 737-700, Amazing stuff

Today’s flight is from Doha to Marseille, France via Istanbul, Turkey about to pushback now, good day, will update when today’s adventure is over

Update 2h later : Might divert to Paris (LPFG) before visiting Marseille

2nd Update 2h later : The executives have decided to carry on to Marseille direct from Istanbul without stopping in Paris anymore today, we are currently on the way to Marseille and this will be the final stop of the day

I was flying 14:02 from KlAS to LOWW ! 😉

After spending 2 days in Doha, Qatar we were now ready to continue the trip to Marseille, France via Istanbul, Turkey today! The stop in Turkey would be very quick because it was just to pick up another business partner in Istanbul and quickly refuel then shortly after continue to Marseille, France. It was a very nice calm day of flying today :

Before departure at Doha (OTHH)

Goodbye Qatar! Morning Departure at around 7:30AM and there was atc that i wasn’t expecting, so much appreciated @truyen

Some flight shots on course to Istanbul, Turkey

Arrival at Istanbul (LTFM) where we did a quick layover where we picked up another business Partner as mentioned before, refuelled and got some new cuisine to get ready for France:
Final Approach

Pickup and refuel with the cool tower in background

After the quick stop in Istanbul we were ready to takeoff again, Bye-Bye Turkey! On course to France!

Some flight shots, continuing as filed to Marseille!

Marseille - Final Approach (LFML)

Welcome to France!

Todays trip - Doha(OTHH) to Istanbul(LTFM) to Marseille(LFML)
Flight time was 6 hours and 29 minutes

After an amazing and smooth arrival today, it looks like the business executive partners are going to be spending their new year’s eve in Marseille France, I’m sure they’ll enjoy, and ofcourse the BBJ 737-900 as well is chilling at the airport right now at the apron waiting for it’s next adventure which will be it’s 1st flight of 2024! Well see where the business partners agree to travel next haha😂. This all started in Zimbabwe now were ending of the year in France, Cheers!

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very nice, i don’t think i have served you like that

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After a well enjoyed New years celebration at Marseille, France the Business Executives decided to fly to Paris today as their first flight of the year to sort out some logistical stuff to get ready to go to Germany for their next arrangement haha, today’s domestic flight was quite windy I would say and Paris was nice and busy, here are some highlights from todays flight!

Preparing for Departure at Marseille


Some flight shots

Approach into Paris

Welcome to Paris!

Parked at one of the maintenance aprons at Paris

Some extra flight details of todays flight

Right now as said before the plane is chilling at the maintenence apron and some maintenance work is gonna be done on it by some Engineers so that it’s all fresh and ready for it’s next flight to Germany! See you next time in Germany 🇩🇪!

Two days and a bit later After spending 2 days in Paris we departed early this morning bound for Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF) to pick up 2 more business partners. We never spent much time in Germany at all, we simply landed, picked up 2 more passengers, refueled and made our way back to France for a very short stay as well this time going to Bordeaux, our third French city visited during this trip, The executives must like France don’t they haha. We landed in Bordeaux to do some quick final meetings there before leaving France and moving on to the next country and are currently on the ground there Preparing for our next flight this afternoon! Here are some highlights of today so far:

Morning departure at Paris

In-flight shots

Approaching Frankfurt

Arrived at Frankfurt, refueling & Executive pick up at far east remote stands

Before we knew it we were on our way to Bordeaux! With a nice sunrise departure

In-Flight shots

Approaching Bordeaux

Arrived at Bordeaux (LFBD)!

Liveflight map

Flight total flight time was 2h10m, it took 45 minutes from Paris to Frankfurt
We are currently getting ready to go to our next destination right now, Lisbon, Portugal! and we should be departing any time within the next 1- 2 hours from Bordeaux and the business executives have already finished their final meetings in France just now and have just Arrived back at the Airport and will be boarding their flight to Portugal any moment, Merci Beaucoup!

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We would then depart 1h40m later bound for Lisbon - LPPT (outbound Marseille) as the last leg for today, Arrived just now with a nice approach into Lisbon but here’s a quick recap:

Preparing for departure at Bordeaux

Goodbye France (LFBD) Au revior


Approach into Lisbon

Final RWY - 03

Olà! Arrival: Welcome to Portugal!

The flight time was 1h37m

The business partners are now officially in Lisbon! Wow 3 flights today From Paris to Frankfurt to Bordeaux to Lisbon, quite busy but a fun ride!

So now the plane is currently sitting at one of the tie down stands at Lisbon (LPPT) and is patiently waiting for it’s next trip to which I’m certain will be to the United Kingdom in the future, but for now let’s enjoy our stay Lisbon, Portugal. Bem Vindo! Muito Obrigado!


i really like like this thread!

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Thanks very much


Wow! The Business partners had been in Lisbon since 9 January they really enjoyed this lengthy stay here in Portugal, they formed some new relations with some Portuguese businesses linked to the Mozambicans picked up from Nampula, Mozambique from one of the 1st flights on the adventure! At the same time they enjoyed their fabulous stay in the Lovely Lisbon and I’m sure they’ll want to be back someday, however 4 partners stayed in Lisbon and we continued. Today they finally decided to leave Portugal head to the UK some more business, today We flew out from Lisbon (LPPT) to London Stansted (EGSS). The original plan was to fly into London Heathrow (EGLL) but after further analysis we ended up agreeing to fly to Stansted instead!

This was a very good day for flying with nice weather, Preparing for departure at Lisbon:

Bye-Bye Portugal! Let’s go to London! We took off at 2:37 PM

The views of some Portuguese Scenery moments after Departure:

In-flight, Leaving Spain:

FRANCE! The Business executives back in the cabin were suddenly talking about their new year’s eve in Marseille, France (scroll up to see haha) as we entered the French airspace remembering the memories:

Well hello there UK! The sunset was approaching

Flying over London Heathrow (EGLL) as we descended into London Stansted (EGSS)

Approaching Final:

Final approach RWY 22:

Welcome to London! We landed at 5:05 PM

Went to park the BBJ3 at one of the maintenance aprons and it will be checked on by engineers, this is where it’ll be staying whilst the Executives are in London until it’s next flight, it’s last checkup was in Paris!

Today’s flight from the live map, Flight time was 2h28m

But otherwise it was such a nice flight and lets see which part of the world the Executives agree to travel to next to do their thing, it could be in Europe, or Asia or up North or even West who knows these executives are unpredictable haha. But for now they’re in the amazing city of London and im sure they’ll enjoy their stay, see you on the next one!

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And just like that! After spending 3 days in London the business partners already decided to move on to their next country, The Netherlands! To meet up with some Dutch business partners in Rotterdam, not too long or far of a journey by plane!

We started of where we left off like always, in this case it’s London Stansted (EGSS) - Parked at the maintenence apron:

In no time we were ready for Pushback:

Bye-Bye London, on course to the Netherlands! We took off from RWY 22

Leaving the United Kingdom, I’m sure the Executives will be back some day😉

We cruised at 24000ft for 8 minutes, but just after only 11 minutes of flight time we started our descent into Rotterdam (EHRD), for a plane coming from London the Netherlands is right there haha


Hello Hello Netherlands :

We did a cool approach into Rotterdam (EHRD) as we flew over the airport first then made a smooth left turn and maintained 2000ft until i decided to disengage the autopilot. Approach:

Left turn whilst maintaining 2000ft :

Final Approach, Auto-pilot disengaged RWY 24:

Welcome to Rotterdam in The Netherlands!

Taxiing to parking:

After arrival, we got special permission to park at the [FBO- KLM JET CENTRE 02] apron for the time the business partners are in the Netherlands which we don’t know how long it’s going to be, this is where the plane will be staying until it’s next journey which is unknown at the moment. Parked:

Today’s flight from the live flight map:

Flight time today was 37 minutes

Today was such a nice flight, and like I said in the past, these business partners are unpredictable lol, who knows which country they’ll choose and agree to fly to next? It could be in Europe, Asia far south or even far west. And when will it be? See you on the next one

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We’re back at it once again, the business partners were back flying today after spending 9 days in The Netherlands, today they agreed to travel for some quick arrangements at the Capital city of Greece. ATHENS (LGAV)! But they said they won’t be staying there long.
Preparing for departure at Rotterdam (EHRD):

GOODBYE NETHERLANDS, on course to Greece!

In-Flight, Seatbelt signs off:

Flying over Belgium:

Italy, the Executives were complimenting the amazing views:

Then after a while or so, Well hello there Greece :

Final Approach, RWY 03L:

Welcome to Athens, Greece!

We parked at the 1st Maintenence apron and this is where the plane will be staying for the next couple of hours until it’s next flight tonight!

The Business executives just took their hand luggage off the plane because they aren’t sleeping in Athens because they have an urgent Business meeting in Abu Dhabi Tommorow, they’ll just be sorting out some logistical things in the Capital Athens to prepare for their trip to the United Arab Emirates tonight!

Flight time today Rotterdam (EHRD) to Athens (LGAV) was 3 hours and it was a very nice flight

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