Bay Area to Los Angeles

Mach .80
United Airlines
Boeing 757-200
flight time- 1:20

Good Morning from the beautiful Bay Area
Welcome aboard our flight to Los Angeles flight time today will be roughly 1:10 minutes with no delays.

Runway 19R for takeoff

This morning first class got Bacon and eggs while economy got pretzels

Welcome to your first approach into Los Angeles

So sorry for those who needed medical

Just gonna proceed to takeoff again 😅

United 05KA going around due to Pilot doesn’t know how to land

One last final approach

Cabin shakes abruptly

Welcome to Los Angeles if you look closely to your left hand side you can see our Pilot running from the plane due to horrible piloting skills

That’s all for today Folks! Hope you enjoyed! Suggest some flights below and i’ll do a photo shoot of it!


2, 4, 6, and 9 are amazing! Nice work :)

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Wow these are some great photos! The time of day really makes it look nice. Good job!

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thanks man!

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Thanks brother!

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What was the go around for?

Mind if I be your co-pilot? Lol, nice photos

was about to ryanair my landing