Baxter's ATC Tracking Thread! {YSSY} (CLOSED)

Hi, There folks!

Hope all is well, I’m looking at training for IFATC and would love to open up Tower and Ground at certain airports. Tonight, I’ll be opening YSSY Tower and Ground for about 30 minutes. Go get your GA Aircrafts and get on down to the gates! Feedback is much appreciated, thank you!

Happy Landings :)

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I only have a few mins. I’ll be inbound shortly PH-ADZ

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I am now shutdown, Sorry mate.

That’s too short mate!
If you want to allow people to read your post, spawn and do some flying, you’ll need to allow at least an hour.

Also, I strongly recommend you to not open one of those obvious giants, especially not in the SoCal reason. Too many noobs, and before you know it, a radar controller opens, and away goes your Tower experience.

Instead, open a smaller, less known airport, with two parallel runways. And allow enough time for pilots from this community to come and fly for you.

And remember…”sequencing is your friend” 😊

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Nasa 1, inbound in 1 mn.

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