BAVA Second Anniversary @ EGKK - 162200ZNOV18


Welcome to British Airways Virtual Airlines 2nd Anniversary event thread!

November 16, 2018 10:00 PMNovember 17, 2018 12:00 AM


checked An official Event of British Airways Virtual Airline

BAVA is very proud and excited to present an exciting day of events starting off on November 16, 2018 10:00 PM. Check out our many exciting events below and come along to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of one of the largest virtual airlines in the Infinite Flight Community!

Heathrow to Singapore!

November 16, 2018 10:00 PM
Come and fly from London Heathrow (our FNF Destination!) to Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS) in one of the most iconic British Airways aircrafts, the Boeing 777-300ER! This event will kick off a full day of BAVA events happening on Saturday 17th November. Please visit our thread for more information!

British Airways Speedmarque Route

November 17, 2018 12:00 PM

Take to the skies and create the infamous British Airways speedmarque! Fly in any British Airways aircraft that you like and make sure to track your flight on LiveFlight during and after your flight and share your pictures!

Flight Information

Cruising Altitude - FL200 (20,000)
Speed - 240KTS below FL100, 280kts above FL100
Departing Airport - London Gatwick (EGKK)

Flight Plan

5205N/40E 5213N/108E 5214N/116E 5216N/122E 5220N/135E 5223N/145E 5232N/207E 5238N/217E 5242N/220E 5244N/221E 5248N/222E 5250N/222E 5251N/221E 5254N/220E 5258N/217E 5303N/213E 5308N/207E 5313N/202E 5318N/155E 5323N/147E 5328N/134E 5331N/124E 5333N/112E 5336N/52E 5337N/32E 5338N/22W 5338N/56W 5337N/124W 5337N/146W 5336N/217W 5335N/244W 5334N/315W 5334N/342W 5332N/417W 5332N/457W 5331N/530W 5329N/607W 5328N/641W 5327N/713W 5327N/732W 5326N/739W 5326N/742W 5326N/746W 5326N/748W 5326N/750W 5326N/751W 5326N/750W 5326N/749W 5323N/735W 5322N/721W 5319N/655W 5316N/626W 5314N/607W 5312N/537W 5310N/513W 5309N/432W 5308N/405W 5308N/332W 5308N/324W 5308N/311W 5308N/255W 5308N/245W 5308N/234W 5308N/219W 5308N/201W 5308N/149W 5308N/134W 5308N/118W 5308N/56W 5308N/40W 5308N/26W 5307N/16W 5307N/22E 5307N/106E 5306N/128E 5306N/134E 5306N/137E 5305N/138E 5305N/141E 5305N/143E 5305N/143E 5304N/142E 5303N/140E 5301N/136E 5257N/127E 5254N/119E 5252N/111E 5248N/59E 5244N/43E 5240N/26E 5231N/24W 5229N/41W 5227N/53W 5225N/104W 5225N/107W 5224N/107W 5223N/105W 5223N/59W 5222N/55W 5221N/51W 5219N/36W 5215N/16W 5211N/10E 5207N/34E 5205N/40E


Formation Flight Around the United Kingdom

November 17, 2018 4:00 PM
This is going to look awesome! Departing from London Gatwick, take to the skies in one of British Airways’ aircraft and tour the UK. If you would like to take part, please have a look at the details below and comment below if you would like to be assigned an aircraft!

Aircraft in Order of Formation

A318: @21cabbage
A380: @Matt
B747: @Infinite_flight_A320
B77W: @cgilardini
B787: @Jonas05
B767: @Adam_Williams
A321: @2003iggy
A320: @Chris_Wing
A319: @Nick_Wing
A319: @ThomasR
A320: @Jakub_Astary
B77W: @Chindle_1204

more aircraft may be added if required

Flight Information

You will take off and fly in the order detailed above.
Cruising Altitude - FL240 (24,000ft)
Speed - 240kts below FL100, 280kts above FL100
Departing Airport - London Gatwick (EGKK)

Flight Plan


IFVARB Anniversary Summit

BAVA will also be attending the IFVARB Summit, taking place on November 17, 2018 8:00 PM. Check out the IFVARB thread and feel free to join BAVA pilots for this special event! (Please contact IFVARB administrators for gate and event information)

Other Suggested Routes

Fly any of these routes, among many more, in any British Airways aircraft at any altitude at any (sensible) speed! (There is no planned event for these routes).

To/From London Gatwick

EGKK - EGPF (BA A319/A320)
EGKK - EHAM (BA A319/A320)
EGKK - LOWW (A319)

To/From London Heathrow

EGLL - LFMN (BA A319/A320/A321/B763)
EGLL - KJFK (BA B772/B744)
EGLL - ENGM (BA A319/A320/A321)

Hungry for more route recommendations? Check out our VA thread to see our VAs most popular routes, and more!

Open Recruitment Day

Are you a Grade 3 pilot or above in Infinite Flight? Join us as a pilot between Friday 16th and Saturday 17th November 2018 to fast-track your entry, and undergo no formal entry tests!

After all, there’s no better way to see what we get up to than by joining us and seeing for yourself!

Keep an eye on this thread for any further updates.

Please Comment Below if you’d like to attend any of the events, specifying which you’d like to be a part of.

Questions? Contact Us in the thread below, or our Co-Events Managers @Liam_Smart and @21cabbage

Interested in what BAVA has to offer? Check out the links below!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2018
Instagram I IFC I Email I Website

A huge thanks to @Liam_Smart for putting this all together

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Looks great! Can’t wait for this series of events, especially creating that beautiful Speedmarque in the skies of the UK! See you all there!


77W for the flight formation around the UK for me please.

Can’t wait


We’ve got you down. See you there!


Yeah put me down please. Speedmarque was a great idea!


It was a pretty good idea, if I do say so myself!


Do you know who thought of it? 🤔🤷‍♂️ I need to give them praise…


Put me down for a 787 spot for the formation flight, please! 🙂


Noted down. Thanks for coming along!


Looks great! I’ll get back to you on if i can come.


We have events lined up throughout the day, so hopefully you’ll be able to attend one at some point. If so, see you there! -AW


I’ll be flying the 773 to EGKK! Amazing event!


Was privileged to be apart of this VA last year, congrats on the 2 years, enjoy the event!


This is brilliant. I’d like to be included for a 787 place in the formation flight please!


And we’ve got you down. See you there! -AW


sign me up, Speedbird 377


Front A321 for the formation please, thanks.


Roger dodger. Looks like it’s going to be a busy one! -AW


A380 for the Singapore flyout please.


Look forward to seeing you there! No gate assignments for that particular event, all we ask is you turn up and have fun! -AW