BAVA Presents: FNF flyout to Singapore @ EGLL - 162200ZNOV18



Happy 2nd Birthday to British Airways Virtual Airline!

BAVA Presents:

FNF Flyout to Singapore!

November 16, 2018 10:00 PMNovember 17, 2018 11:30 AM

checked An official Event of British Airways Virtual Airline

Welcome to the very first event to kick off BAVA Day which is taking place on Saturday 17th November. Please visit our thread which will have more information on all of the other exciting events taking place to celebrate the 2 year birthday of one of the largest VAs in the community!

Server: Expert
Route: London Heathrow - Singapore (EGLL - WSSS)
Time: November 16, 2018 10:00PM → November 17, 2018 11:30 AM
Aircraft: British Airways B777-300ER / A380-800
Fuel: 14hours 30mins approx.
Flight Time: 13hours 30mins approx.

British Airways is proud to present London Heathrow to Singapore Changi in one of the most iconic British Airways aircrafts, the Airbus 380-800 and the Boeing 777-300ER! Join the BAVA community and fly into Singapore with us! This event will kick off a full day of BAVA events, and depart from our FNF Featured Airport!


Flight Plan

EGLL 5129N/026W DET34 DET29 D284T D284P 5119N/028E DET DVR KONAN 5108N/205E KOK FERDI BUPAL REMBA 5031N/537E PELIX MATUG AMASI BOMBI DETEV DINKU AKANU LUPOX RENLO BESNI 4834N/1136E 4826N/1229E BIBAG ESEGA STEIN TEGRI 4555N/2147E NEKUL 4506N/2322E VAMON 4410N/2505E 4359N/2525E BULEN RIXEN NAMAN YAVRU KIZIK BAG ELDEN SIV 3950N/3726E 3952N/3758E 3956N/3853E 3956N/3906E 3957N/3935E ARKIN DAMAT ERZ ARI AGINA SIBVU 3821N/4655E RST KOBUB 3703N/5018E 3654N/5041E 3647N/5104E 3640N/5128E LABET 3542N/5412E GIBAB 3428N/5540E 3329N/5636E 3315N/5650E 3249N/5716E 3215N/5750E 3007N/5953E DANUS 2920N/6034E DANIX 2811N/6137E KEBUD PG DOSTI KAJAL 2455N/6710E DANGI TELEM VASLA AAE 2251N/7323E 2248N/7335E 2238N/7408E BODAR MONPI 2154N/7632E DULAR UPTAR 2111N/7844E NNP 2054N/7917E 1935N/8057E RIBRO VVZ 1714N/8341E 1651N/8404E ORARA SADAP DOTEN LAGOG IGOGU 645N/9559E 630N/9629E VAMPI GUNIP GOBAS AGOSA VKL DUMOK BATAR 200N/10224E OGAKO TOPOR ARAMA BOBAG BOKIP WSSS

Flight Details

Climb: 250KIAS to FL100, 300KIAS to FL280, M0.84 to Cruise.
Verticle Speed: 2400 ft/min
Cruise: FL350 (35,000ft)
Descent: M0.84 to FL280, 290KIAS to FL120, 240KIAS to Final Approach Speed


  • Follow all instructions given by ATC during the event.
  • @Adam_Williams (BAVA0014) will have a Flight Plan available to copy on the day.
  • Callsign is at Pilot’s discretion. BAVA members are to fly under their assigned callsigns.


There are no assigned gates for this flight. Be courteous to those around you and, most of all, have fun!

Keep an eye on this thread for further updates regarding the event, along with any further departure and arrival information.

Questions? Contact Us in the thread below, or our Co-Events Manager @Liam_Smart

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Amazing! I’m so proud to be a part of such an amazing, capable VA! Thanks to everyone who planned this event, I’ll be there for sure.


That is very interesting. I never knew there was an extra airline with BA. This is going to be a long flight. I might look forward to it! :)


I think you made a typo, 11.30 AM*

Btw do BAVA pilots get extra flight time in their logs if they do this flight?


Sign me up B777 callsign G-AVIA


er…what! which one is it

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@BennyBoy_Alpha Cruise at FL360. Many thanks for pointing out the typo. It will be amended shortly.

@anon91707592 Landing time will be around 11:30AM. Many thanks for pointing out the typo. It will be amended shortly. Information regarding flight benefits will be communicated to BAVA members soon.


Great to hear you want to attend! We are not giving our specific gates for this event. Just spawn at the scheduled time in a free gate at the time. We look forward to seeing you there.


I would love to do this, but I’m a little scared, as if I sleep early I will probably not sleep at all, and then over sleep. This is also on a school day. Thoughts?


We aimed this event with the European time zone in mind as the majority of BAVA pilots are based in this area, so sorry the timings aren’t great for you. Whilst we would love to have you at the event your well-being and education is much more important so don’t let that suffer for just one event. We hope to have many more events in the future catering for a wider variety of time zones 🙂


I will be there. Looking forward to this event!!!


Just making sure - this auto converted to my own time (11:30am to 5:00pm) right?

The timing is 2200Z - 1130Z in Zulu time. Hopefully this helps!


alright, then I will most likely be there!


Yes, it’s really weird for me to wake up at 6am just for this, but it isn’t that bad compared to american timezones.


just one more question though - I’m taking this as an overnighter, meaning I will sleep for a good portion of this flight, is that allowed?


Of course it is, that is the idea of this event :)


You never know! I look forward to this (:


I’ll be there! It will be a hard two day flight, because i start on the 16th and fly from WSSS to EGLL with you guys. (landing time is about 12:30AM, 17th) after that at 9PM (17th), i will fly from VHHH to WSSS with Singapore VA, celebrating the anniversary of global. :D

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Sign me up. A380 - BAVA328

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