BAVA Pond Hopping with IFATS @ EGLL - 041600ZNOV17

Server: Casual

Airport: UK to East Coast US

Time: Departure: 1600-1700Z, Arrival about: 22:00-23:00Z

NOTAM: British Airways Virtual Airlines would like to invite you to join us in partnership with IFATS to Pond Hopping.

The event will be all about flying from your choice of EGLL/EGKK/EGLC to KJFK, flying some of the classical British Airways Routes like flight 177 (EGLL-KJFK) or BA1 (EGLC-EINN-KJFK). Bring along any aircraft as long as its a BA livery and join us on our first major community global event. Comment below if you’ll be joining us, with the information of where you plan from and to, creating a mini group flight for yourself. More information about where BAVA groups will be departing from will be provided closer to the date.

Keep an eye out for any of the BAVA team as you may end up in one of the many photos that you can find on our Instagram.

Please be aware that to take part in this event you need to use the IFATS Verbal ATC on their discord server. A link will be provided just before the event.

Happy Flying


Looks good and should be fun!

SIgn me up please, It sounds good!

I’ll do it !! Looks fun.

Is there an ETA until landing? I may attend just don’t know when we’ll be landing.

The average JFK-LHR flight is around 6/7 hours so depending on winds it will be that long.


Please see updated timings and routing due to previous controller clashes and unavailabliltiy.


Our controllers at IFATS are prepared and ready for Saturday. It’s going to be great!

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I’ll get a gate please

I’m miles by the way

It’s not an event you need a gate for. You just need to join the IFATS discord server. A link can be found on our website.

As Oscar said just head across to the discord server and fly one of the routes, hopefully you’ll meet some of our BAVA pilots along your way.

Best Regards,

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Our controllers are doing some final preparations. It’s not to late to come fly! You can join us by joining our discord and filing a flight.

Hi can you sign me up as BA1 LCY EINN JFK please.

The event is over. I’m sure another one will be hosted soon.

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Oh ok sorry.
But thanks

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