BAVA Farewell Event

22/12/19, a Thank You and (staff) farewell to @Adam_Williams, who is perhaps the single hardest working VA staff member on the forum. You have brought BAVA to heights and success in such a short space of time and made a difference to everyone involved
That said, after hand flying your initials for an hour and a half, I’m beginning to feel otherwise 😡
Not to mention the 140kts headwind flying into Spain, then the 60kts on landing that caused 4 go arounds in our group alone 🎐

Thanks to everyone that participated, and for the rest of the staff team after week’s worth of planning, trial, lots of error and finally success. I hope it was worth it.


Very memorable event 🍻👌🏼

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Wow, words can’t describe how grateful I am for this VA and general community, and everything it’s taught me over the past few years - what a fantastic surprise to see as I was touching down in Barcelona, and thank you very much for your (arguably too) kind words.

To see that I’ve managed to have such an impact on so many different people is extremely humbling, and something that I won’t ever forget! Seeing a line of aircraft stretching the entire length of France is quite a sight to behold, too.

I think what should be mentioned at this point is the fantastic and dedicated staff team and set of pilots that BAVA holds within its structure, and the supportive and friendly nature of every single one of those members. Without them, I nor anyone else would be able to see the amazing testimonials and kind words we read about the Virtual Airline every day.

So, whilst I may be moving on, I am sure the VA will move on too - and continue to grow and evolve at record pace like it always has done, and always will. I have my utmost faith in the institution that is British Airways Virtual Airline.

It’s getting a little late now, but I’ll try and extend my gratitude to everyone I possibly can over the coming days - even though words will never be enough. Thanks again!



Nice shots! The flight was crazy, because it was VERY turbulent on approach to LEBL.

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Sounds like a very fun flight, and seeing all those planes above France, that’s a sight to see. I’m not a part of BAVA, but I can say, without @Adam_Williams doing so much for the airline, I may have never heard of it.

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I sure would not like to be a passenger on my flight!

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I flew from Madrid to Atlanta yesterday. Headwinds were 150+ most of the flight.

Great photos, looks like fun.

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Lovely pictures, Dan!

Our race got very close at some points especially on the final part of the ‘A’. It looks like my Ferrari strategy worked for once.