BAVA | ERJ-190 Landing Competition @ EGLC - 122000ZJUL17

I will be sure to come along to that. See you there!

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Thanks Morgan. See you there.

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What is the airport we will be landing at?

We takeoff from EGLL then fly and land at EGLC :)

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I can make it, event looks fun!

I would like to attend please. Maybe change the title to EGLL since you are departing from there. Otherwise people will glance quickly last minute and spawn into EGLC

See this ^^^ 20 characters


That’s alright then.


I will also be there.

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I will be there callsign in Delta 1 Super

As this is a BA event, please use the appropriate callsign of BA, speedbird. As the ERJ-190 is not a super designated aircraft, you shouldn’t use super in your callsign. I will recommend Speedbird 324 as your callsign :)

I’ll be there sign me up :)

The proper callsign is “flyer”

My mistake, yep. But actually it would be shuttle as it isn’t international. Still wouldn’t use Delta or Super



please join us as we fight for the gold medal

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Are there any spots for judges? I might make it if there’s a spot for a judge

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I’ll be there can’t wait

Start Spawning In!

Once spawned in copy "Speedbird 5’s flight plan into EGLC. Speedbird 5 is no.1 aircraft so we request you all follow him.

See you in under 15mins!

who will be the winner?!?

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Thank You All

Thank you for all attending our pop-up event. But on to the news you want to know;

The Winner is:

@Elias_Harbo Speedbird 2

with a soft, smooth landing Elias had to win with a 10/10 landing.

Your Prize
A direct sign up with us at BAVA and go straight to rank 5 or bragging rights !!

Thank you, everyone!


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