BAVA codeshare flight. A321 KLAX-KPHX

Hiya everyone I’ve had a break from IF but I am back! My second flight for BAVA since returning
Call sign: BAVA 238
An AA codeshare from KLAX to the hub airport today, KPHX
Airbus A321
1 hour flight time
( you might want to turn your brightness up)
Starting up!

Taxiing to 25R


Turing east to Arizona

Getting to cruise at 35,000 ft

And then decent haha into Phoenix
Turning final at 7R on a very busy Phoenix airport, there are loads of planes around that just haven’t rendered in on very high plane count

Gear down

Landing at 7R!

Exiting 7R And holding short of 7L while an Emirates A350 takes off

Parking along with around 12 other aircraft, only 7 rendered in

Thanks everyone for talking time to look at my photos I rly enjoyed this flight


Edit: on the turning final picture you can see another plane on shirt final

Beautiful sunset and photos!

Very nice photos!

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Thanks I rly appreciate it

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Thanks very much it means lot to me
It was actually a sun rise tho 😁 ty again

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