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I just applied for BAVA and waiting for a test in. Does anyone know what to expect and any tips to get me in?


Don’t stress if they test your flying skills. I stressed and failed when I applied in Thai. Btw this probably shouldn’t be here.

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Get a checklist and use it regularly.

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I would post in their Official thread…

When I took the test I did just fine without studying. However, make sure you are familiar with pattern work stuff and general multiplayer etiquette.

This is also very true. At first I thought it would be difficult and was worried I would not pass. But as I mentioned above I did just fine. Good luck!


Ok, thank you,guys. Sorry if this was in the wrong Category

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I did it. It’s basic questions.

Ok, thank you!

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Always there to help :)
Feel free to PM me if you have other questions 😉

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Thank you!

Hi there,

We’re looking forward to reviewing your application, and hopefully welcoming you to BAVA shortly after.

The test is nothing to worry about, so long as you have good general knowledge of ATC procedures and procedures in wider aviation. This test is simply here to ensure all members of BAVA have grounding and general knowledge of procedures to employ during BAVA flights, this of course can be built upon more upon joining too. However, if you feel like you aren’t competent with this, it is recommended that you read up on key ATC and Piloting tutorials in the #tutorials category here on the IFC.

If you have any further questions, I recommend contacting us directly via our community thread, where we also have listed a number of alternative contact methods for your convenience.

Many Thanks!
BAVA Deputy President

That’s not quite true. We’re constantly updating our question bank with new and more challenging questions which can be asked randomly during any test. Complacency isn’t a great attitude to have with these things!


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