Battle Of The Heavies - WINNER!

The B767 doesn’t even have a cockpit😩


Well, it did, and then it got taken out.

But the C-17’s got a cockpit now!

I’m just saying, the A380 is getting reworked, even though most of them are getting scrapped. Meanwhile the B767 doesn’t even have a cockpit.
Not even one of those cardboard looking things the 737 had before the rework


And here we go Etihad announced the reactivation of there A380 🎉 in total they will reactivate 4 of there A380

Etihad Airways shared a post on Instagram: "‎OUR A380s ARE COMING BACK! 👏👏👏
You read that right. From Summer 2023, our iconic A380s will make their return with 4x super-jumbos launched for service to London with tickets bookable on 🥳

Instagram Etihad


Etihad A380 yes yes yes


Apartments are back too

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Wow! I was not expecting that tbh 😅


It was the only one in a mobile flight simulator that could have an A380 for free, but it’s not anymore
It’s sad

Well, someone has to pay the resources spent making the rework, and unfortunately that money doesn’t come out of thin air, it comes from the PRO subs


So’s the 767.

It did have the old static cockpit which was the same as the old 757, since the 757/767 are of the same cockpit communality.

But yeah I definitely see what you’re saying.

I don’t have pro. I voted for the A380 because it was free. It’s sort of fine (I guess?) not to give us the reworked version. But don’t take away another plane just because it’s an embarrassment to you’re simulator and “doesn’t represent the quality [you] are striving for anymore”.

Most likely it’ll remain free for you if you bought it pre-global.

I would say not exactly if you look at say Aerofly FS 2022 for example.

Nope, it will still need to be purchased with pro even If you brought it pre global.

Was the A380 free or paid before global? If it was a paid plane, then it’d make sense to have it as part of Pro.

It has been a free plane since it was first released I believe.


Would have definitely loved the 787 since that and the A350 are my two fav aircraft to fly, but I will definitely find some A380 routes now

I don’t even remember the 737 or A320 family before they got reworked

Have they started to work on the A380 yet? When will we see the first WIP pic of the A380