Battle Of The Heavies - WINNER!


This was what the community vote was all about, to decide the next aircraft to be reworked for Infinite Flight.

The community poll was two rounds, round one consisted of a five way vote between the A380, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 747-400 and the A340-300.

The A380 and the Boeing 767-300ER where the two highest voted aircraft from round one, so they went head to head in round 2 where the A380 came out on top with 60% of the votes compared to 40% for the Boeing 767-300ER, respectively.

I also highly recommend taking a read of the original post from Jason in this topic as this is what Jason had to say regarding the Boeing 767 being reworked in the future:

You are also more than welcome to vote for the Boeing 767 rework on the feature request linked below:

In general, voting for Features requests are the best way to show your support for a feature that would like to see added in the future.

I hope this cleared things up for you.

Have a great day!