Battle of The Black Masks

Hello, IFC,

Here are my 3 best pictures of Air Canada, A330-900s and the A350.

These all have the similar 'Bandit Mask" around the cockpit windows.

So, which one is the best mask/best look?
Air Canada E175 at KDFW
Brand New Delta A350-941 at KSEA
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1 Week old Delta A330-941 at KSEA (Emphasized on photo 2)

Which is the best mask?

  • Delta A330-941
  • Air Canada E175
  • Delta A350-941

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We are rating the masks, not how good the photos are.

Thank You!


Not the results I was expecting!

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This is just me:

  1. E175
  2. A350
  3. A330

I feel like the E175’s is the cleanest.


If I could throw in an opinion, I think it looks best on the A330N. But maybe that’s just because I love that plane. I think it looks better on a different paint job though. Azul oddly enough looks really good with that mask thing to me. The Navy blue I guess. I mean the whole livery for Azul looks great, and that black highlight around the cockpit is just the cherry on top imo…


And I though all the a330N masks looked the same… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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