Battle for Miramar MCAS @ KNKX - 011300ZJUL17

All slots are full for this event. Spectators are welcome
The Infinite Flight Cobras would like to introduce our new event. This will be introducing the other-side of our group, the one that focuses on dog fighting. Parts of our group will be taking part in this event, but it is open to the community as well. In fact, it is necessary for the community to be involved, in order to have enough aircraft to pull it off successfully.

Situation: A Blue Team squadron of F-14s are based at Miramar MCAS (KNKX) when they get word of a Red Team strike package of aircraft inbound for Miramar. Blue Teams F-14s must scramble in order to protect their airbase. Red Teams strike package consists of a flight of A-10s, and an escort of F/A 18s. Red team has acquired some new equipment, allowing the A-10s to shoot from 10 miles out.
Event will take place on casual server


*Only visual range kills are allowed and recognized. A kill is confirmed when the TCAS icon turns yellow on the targeted aircraft and the hunter aircraft is within this kill box: image

  • Once you have been “killed” you must exit the server, and post in the kill_reports channel on this discord server. A live feed will be kept there.
    *Once your are killed, that is it. you are out for the rest of the engagement

Terms of Victory
Red Team: get 50% of your A-10s within the 10nm circle of Miramar to win
Blue Team: shoot down 50% of Red Teams A-10s.

Bases and teams
Blue team is based out of MIrarmar MCAS(spots are now full for the blue team) (KNKX)

[details=Blue Team Pilots]Rodney_Buckland
@Ewan_Elliot [/details]

Red Team is based out of two airports. A-10s are based at Edwards Air force base (KEDW) and F/A-18s will be based at Twenty Nine Palms EAF (KNXP)

[details=Red Team Pilots]A10s:
Blue team will have a total of four aircraft, and Red Team will have 8(subject to change). It is up to Red Team leader to decide the makeup of his group. Minimum number of A-10s will be 3.

Please let us know if you are attending, and sign up for a team below. If signing up for Red Team, let me know what aircraft you want
Rodney and the Cobras


We will be accepting pilots for the event up to the 15th

My only question is, will aircraft taxi to the runway or just take off?

They should taxi to the runway. Why wouldn’t they


You know how people get when they hear “Casual Server”

Can you sign me up for an F14? If not enough people show up I can switch to the other team.

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Will do! Thanks. And yeah but since it’s an event people are assumed to follow all the rules. Only reason it’s on casual is so we can get low and fast

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Yes I would to participate…blue team please

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Very interesting even you got there!

Thanks. Want to participate?

I want in. Can I be Red Team? A-10?

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Sure thing. I’ll sign ya up

Sadly no, can’t do it

Hey bro,is it ok if I fly in an F-22?

I’d prefer if we stuck to the airplanes I’ve picked above so it’s easy to identify who is on what team and who’s participating

Ok sure.I’ll be in red team flying an F-18

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I want to be in the blue team

Alright. Your the last blue team pilot, congrats.

All other pilots will be on the red team from here on out

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Can I be a c130 watching it take place in the airspace? If not I’ll join the red team in a f22 please

You can watch in any airplane, but to take part you have to be ethier and A-10 or an F-18

Ok I’ll watch but can I in the ar space?