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How much Battery usage does infinite flight take up? I have a new Iphone 11 pro (bought about 4 months ago) and I noticed that my battery health is already down to 90%. Infinite flight is on the screen on an average of 19%, so this should not be happening on a brand new phone since this can result in battery problems for the future. Has this been happening to anyone else as well?

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I suggest you look into activating the frame limiter in settings. Maybe decrease the graphics on longer flights may help as well. :)

Yup my frame rate has already been on ever since I downloaded Infinite Flight. I just noticed it now when I took it to Apple and they said the battery health on the phone has been decreased rapidly. The top app taking up this space was Infinite Flight, so I am scared that when new things get updated it’s going to kill the battery health even further. I hope not.

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this is why I usually Use older phones as my device so at least the battery hss been used up

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Hey there!

I have an iPhone 11 Pro and I have noticed a decrease in the battery capacity as well. I first got my phone on launch day so it is nearly 8 months old, but the capacity is at 88%, far less than what it should be at. I did some of my own testing and have found that even though Infinite Flight did take up the most “on screen time”, it was other applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, etc., taking up extra battery because Background App Refresh was enabled while playing such a battery intense game. I spoke to Apple and they informed me that could indeed be the issue and recommended to turn it off all together, as well as to activate Optimized Battery Charging to limit the power coming into the phone once above 80%. The heat from charging your device while running an application like Infinite Flight will only generate more heat, thus straining the battery and making it degrade faster than it should. Doing both these has helped my battery somewhat, however it is still degrading faster than something like my iPhone XS did. I suspect it could be an issue with the phone itself (as my entire family is having issues with the 11 Pro too even though they don’t play Infinite Flight), however don’t take my word for it.

Regardless, hope this helped and let me know!

Also, try turning off Anti-Aliasing. Yes the iPhone 11 Pro can handle it, however all it does is drain the battery even faster. Turning it off made a huge difference for me and the difference in the aircraft quality is so minimal on such a small screen anyway (well at least in my opinion)!

I do switch between my iPhone 11 Pro and iPad mini 5 so Infinite Flight isn’t always straining one device, however I have made all the adjustments above on both devices and the difference in terms of battery life is much better, even with the 11 Pro having some sort of issue (or at least it seems to).


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