Battery tips ¿?

My phone doesn’t have a replaceable battery. In order to make a proper use and not to degrade it too much.

While flying, to charge or not to charge but not to go below 20% and not to go above 80%, put the brightness to the minimum while the flight

Will it benefit you?

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Not sure what your asking, but from the title I think it has something to do with your battery issues?

You can try keeping the brightness low (like you said), and I always keep mine plugged in.

So your suggestion should work.

Hope this helps!

These tips should help with 20.1 with the battery and stuff.

So, to maintain battery, you should use the charger that was provided when purchasing your device. Because those chargers are made for your device that you use.

Do not unplug your device during flight

When not touching the screen and leaving it alone, you device will start to recharge

Sitting in a dark room with the brightness all the way down allows for great battery saving

Turning on Night Mode with apple helps bring out the details and enhances the quality without draining your battery

this is what i noticed, hope it helps

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Could I play with the device charging then even if the cell phone charge exceeds 80%?

I think going over 80% and under 20% is bad for you.

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You sure about this one? I’m no expert, but this doesn’t seem good for battery health. What’s your source?

@Alec He told he wants a healthy battery in his device. Charging the device is recommended between 20 and 80% so he’s asking for away to maintain that battery level so his battery will remain good

As of right now, I cannot think of a way to keep your battery above 20 but below 80 on flights unless you are there to manually unplug and plug the device. I’m unsure if the IF devs are able to have an option to do that but I’m sure Apple can do something.

To an extent this is true. You won’t get as much chemical buildup called dendrites if you don’t bring the battery all the way to either of its extremes. But I think people tend to underestimate modern batteries. We’ve done a lot of clever work to minimize this, so unless your want to me still using your device five and six years later (which is completely fair) you’ll probably be fine taking it to 100 especially. Honestly trying to do as much flying as you can without the cord is probably best because charging will add heat to your already hot device, and that heat can hurt the battery too. Realistically running your device on a processor intensive game for hours on end isn’t going to be all that healthy no matter how you shake it. If you really want to save your battery, there’s probably some merit to just keeping to short hauls…

Otherwise brightens low, battery saver on, turn all the graphic settings down, and that’s pro best case-scenario…

@KPIT if you don’t keep your device plugged in, then how would you complete a 3 hour flight?? This new update drains your battery, and my source is ME

I’m not saying it’s doable, but if battery preservation at all costs is the initiative, it’s not a good idea to fly while charging.

Is it damaged by charging cycles or by temperature?

That is, if you keep it between 20 and 80, you’re using 60% of the device’s total battery, which means it’s going to have to be charged more often.

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