Battery Saving

What’s the best way to conserve battery for long flights and is there a way to have this game play in the background? Thanks.

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No, the app must be open all the time otherwise it will end your flight.

To save battery:

Lower your screen brightness

Check the limit frame rate box

Lower your graphics

Hope these help.


Here are some additional tips not stated above:

  • Turn on Battery Saving Mode found in settings
  • Charge Device while flying
  • Close all apps except IF in background

Good points. I always have to play IF with my device on charge 🙃

thank you so much

Another way to save battery during longer flights adding onto what these great people said is to have your camera pointed up to the overhead panel of the plane in your cockpit view so the scenery doesn’t load below you in high resolution. Once you face the scenery again it reloads just like skipping from the beginning to the end of a live replay and the scenery resolution is low but loads up after a few seconds.

  • Use IF’s battery saving mode
  • Lowest device brightness possible
  • Lowest graphics setting
  • Turn your camera to a solid colored object (the seat’s headrest, the floor, overhead panel, etc)
  • Close all background apps
  • For 2+ hour flights, keep your phone plugged in
  • DO NOT use your phone’s low battery mode (yellow battery for iOS)
  • Turn off the sound
  • Check your limit frame rate box
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You don’t really need to open your flight the whole time, you could pause it. the other day my mom took my phone, when i got it back some 4 hours later, the flight was still paused and it didn’t reset the flight. This was on live, and my phone was turned off. So if you are about to approach but you can’t land, just turn off your phone and get back to it when you need too. Just don’t do it in congested airspaces and airports

If your device has an OLED screen (some newest iPhones if you have them), please don’t use a static camera angle such as the cockpit seats, it will only increase the chances of burn-in for long flights.

If you’re on iOS, you can go to General, Accessibility, Display Accommodations, Reduce White Point - this option allows you to reduce your brightness even more, saving more battery.

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Yes, it will improve the battery usage but will decrease the speed of your device which IF will need.
System will reduce the processor state and this can end up in lower framerate, freezing or even an app crash.

If you reduce throttle in your plane, you will save fuel, but will arrive later.
You reduce battery usage, you will save battery, but your game will be lagging or crashing.

Indeed, for OLED use scenic view.

Lower brightness and graphics and you should be good.

I turn off volume completely, lower my brightness all the way, plug in my phone. That’s it and I have an S9. My phone dosen’t get heated eventhough I have it plugged in for many hours (btw, I have no issues if I don’t have battery saving mode turned on)

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For long haul flights, I personally NEVER let my phone’s camera lens touch a solid object, as that is where it overheats on iOS. I leave my phone on a stand when possible.

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