Battery saving tips

I am currently on an overnight with decreasing battery levels with lowest brightness and low power mode on. Is there anything I can do to gain battery?

If you’re on an iPad here’s what I would recommend:

  • Plug in to charge with the bigger “boxy” adapter, not the small little iPhone one, and leave it overnight.
  • Turn your volume all the way down along with brightness
  • Keep it in a cooler place (near an AC or fan etc).
  • In cockpit mode, make the camera look at the ceiling or the floor (basically somewhere where there isn’t any scenery or live instruments to load) and leave it there overnight.

I’m pretty sure that on Samsung devices, there is a setting that helps the battery for something like this. I don’t use a Samsung device, so I don’t know how to enable it.

The strategy i use
All graphics settings low
Have time set during the night
Low power mode on (ingame settings)
Screen brightnes all the way down
Sound off
Look either at the floor or ceiling of the plane
30 fps

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