Battery Saving Mode

Hello! I am currently midair flying KCLT-KMYR on an A320. I have flown a lot today, but no times today has my battery saver kicked in. Anything I should do?

No need to tag staff and mods. We’re perfectly capable of helping as well. :)

Just to confirm, this is the in-game low power mode, correct? Have you ensured that speed, heading and altitude are all enabled?

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Yes, my iPad had just died.

We’re you touching the screen mid flight?

No, I had gotten to cruising altitude and my battery kept decreasing. I got the notifications. I’ve never had this issue in 4 years of playing.

What iPad model?

Low power mode in IF simply reduces the frame rate so your device does not use so much resources. If your screen is too bright for your charger to catch up your drain will win.

Also make sure you are using a quality charger plugged into an outlet.


Thanks, Chris!

Do you mind if I ask, what’s the difference between charging via an outlet and other methods? For example an extension.

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If you have extension cord try and only use one (don’t connect two extension cords to make the cord longer) as thawing two will drain your battery life. Quickly.

Hi, not sure if you’re still having issues.

As TaipeiGuru touched on, in order for power saving to kick in you must also have HDG enabled overriding NAV mode.
If NAV mode is engaged on it’s own without HDG mirroring it, your power saving won’t kick in.