Battery Saver mode on infinite flight

Hi so I am planning to do a long haul flight while sleeping and I don’t want to charge my phone throughout the flight while sleeping so I was wondering how to turn on battery saving mode on infinite flight so I can save battery because I can’t find it in the settings and also can people give me tips for doing long hauls while sleeping. Thanks everyone.

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Turn your brightness down, it helps a lot

Go to Settings-General-Enable Automatic Low Power

This will help a bit along with what @TaipeiGuru said but you will still need to charge your phone most likely…

Go to settings>general> scroll down and you will find it.

The only tips I have for long hauling is lowering ypur brightness to save battery and set an alarm so you won't oversleep

Will I still be able to survive a 9 or 11 hour flight with full charge?

You could.I did that before, but I was left with 11% once the flight was done

I know my iPad couldn’t do it and it is relatively new. If you have faith in your device than try it…😬

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I have a Samsung galaxy j3 orbit so is that good

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hmm… what device do you have?

That might be a tad too old. Not really sure though… Go to settings and turn on limit frame rate on the graphics section. Also put everything on the lowest fps possible!

I’d highly recommend charging overnight if possible… From what I’ve heard, the J3 won’t last a 12 hour flight without charge. Are you doing this flight on Expert?

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Additionally no device will last 12 hrs without charging. You need to charge during the flight

Or can I put on power saving mode on my phone because I want to do a flight from Dubai to los Angeles for 15 hours and wake up and maybe charge at like 10 am is that possible?

Are you able to wake up during the night and un-plug the charger?

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Indeed. It came out in 2016 and they don’t have the best battery life :(

No I can’t

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Hmm… How long is the flight going to be?

But I can charge it when I wake up at like 10 in the morning

15 hour flight

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Oooh, I don’t think your phone will make it.