Battery problems

Hello, after 22.1 I am facing battery problems,

I always start my flight with the following graphics

Rendering Quality High
3D Object Density High
Rendering Resolution High
Texture Quality High
Anti-Aliansing on
Frame rate limit 30 fps

Now in 22.1, already in flight, only one option can be changed, which is the Rendering Resolution, while the others are not, this is making my phone consume a lot of battery even though it is plugged in all the time

before, on 21.8, already on cruise, leave everything on low so as not to consume too much of the cell phone

today I took off with 89% battery and now I have 57%

Hello, have you turned on “Enable Automatic Low Power”? That should fix your battery issues, if you stay away from your device it is automatically activated.

hey you might wanna check this out: Performance | Infinite Flight

In the pro tip at the bottom of your loading screen it says in order to have great battery life you want Anti-Alianising off.

I have the same problem since the release of 22.1. Even though I have „Enable automatic low power“ turned on and also Anti-Aliansing turned off. I use an IPad Pro 10,5“.

I activated ‘‘Enable automatic low power’’ and it consumed even more battery

Hey there!

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, try setting your brightness to the lowest possible during cruise. This reduces the amount of energy the screen consumes, therefore increasing battery life.

May I ask, what device are you using?

I agree with @TheAviation_YT and @AviatorAlex here. I highly recommend turning OFF anti-aliasing, and even lowering some of your graphics setting may help, too. When I fly long hauls and I’m not monitoring my flight during cruise, I keep my brightness and volume levels to the lowest setting.

I can agree that the battery drains quicker now with 22.1

I guess you can try to lower some graphics and if even that doesn’t work then it is what it is(I can no longer do 7+hr flights without having to charge)

Some things don’t make sense, understand that before in 21.8 during the flight I was able to decrease two other graphics options, now in 22.1 it is no longer possible to download during the flight

  • 3D Object Density

  • Texture Quality

Just because I’m running it on High is already a reason to consume more battery on my device

ZenFone 5z

7 Hours without charging is pretty good. I can’t do any flight without charging and now since 22.1 it drains the battery even while charging if I don’t lower the brightness. But my IPad Pro is with almost 4 years already quite old so I think that’s to be expected.

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Unfortunately, the Asus ZenFone 5z is quite dated now - it was released in June 2018, and it didn’t have too big of a battery on release - just 3300mAh. As a result of the age of the smartphone (and, therefore, the battery), the battery life isn’t as long as when you have originally bought it due to battery degradation over time.

Texture quality was not changeable before 21.8 either - you could only change that setting when not in-flight.

In addition to decreasing the available graphics settings in-flight, enabling Low Power Mode and lowering your screen brightness to the lowest possible, I would also recommend setting the time to Night and pointing the camera straight up at the sky - that way, the screen will consume even less battery. It will only serve you as a temporary solution, though, so if I were you, I would be looking for a battery replacement, or a new device altogether - it’s nearly 4 years old, at this point - and no matter how well you look after your battery, it just cannot perform as well as it used to once.

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