Battery problems

hi everyone , i’m having some battery problems right now and i never had problems with the battery on my iPad . so when i put my screen to maximum brightness the battery goes up and then stops at 95% and goes down and up again but when i put my brightness to the lowest the battery goes down , i know this sounds stupid but its true and my iPad never had problems with infinite flight ! anyone know how to fix this ???

Try to reboot your device. Don’t clear the scenery caché scince is for scenery only

Is your device currently charging? Which iPad model are you using?

ill do that after my flight

yes its charging , its an ipad air 2

Okay, what do your graphics settings look like?

they have always been maximum quality.

Given the Air 2 is an older model and battery health degrades over time, I’d recommend lowering your graphics settings to medium or low and see how your charge percentage changes.

I have the same problem

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Hi, Infinite Flight probably has nothing to do with this. It’s probably somewhere between your Ipad’s battery and your charger. If you have a case, take it off and make sure the back is exposed to fresh air, as Infinite Flight is quite demanding, so a lot of heat will be produced, which then can degrade charging performance. Also, have a look at your charger - make sure it is at least 10W. As for the difference in brightness impacting it, this can depend on a lot of things, so unless you are able to reproduce it this was probably a one-off


do you know whats the best device which can handle infinite flight really well?

Anything with the latest specs, such as the 2020 iPad Pro, iPhone 12, Galaxy S21, etc.

ok thanks :)

You can experience this with new and old devices. It really comes down to input vs output. If you are using more power than what chargin allow you are going to eventually run out. The advice above is solid advice for any device. (Quality charger, charging from the wall and not a PC, etc)

I know your issue is a little different as you stated lower brightness and the battery goes down. Have you rebooted? Have you let your device run out of juice and then let the charge fully? Brightness is only part of the power equation. CPU, graphics, etc all play into it. Even having running apps in the background polling the internet can take up power.

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I have got another thinking.

your charger might have problem maybe, recommend use the charger for ipad, different for iphone, because the electric current might be different

generally higher than 2-3A

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and select Battery .
  3. Tap Battery Health , where you’ll find a report detailing your battery’s health percentage, and any suggested steps you can take to improve performance.
  4. Open the Settings app.
  5. Scroll down and tap on Battery .
  6. Tap Battery Health .
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ok thanks , i will check that after my flight :)

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Note that if you’re using an iPad you cannot access battery health, it only works on iPhones as far as I’m aware.

oh lol , it might be also because im doing flights around the world and now im flying from tokyo to los Angeles so could it be because im currently doing loads of flight ?

im currently draining my battery on my ipad to 0% and re-charging it to 100% and see if it helps

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