Battery Problems

why does my battery drain really fast when im playing infinite flighy???

Hello Jay! This could be due to a number of different things, like high graphics, anti-aliasing, a bright screen, automatic low power mode being off, etc.

What are your graphics set to and what device are you currently running Infinite Flight on?

iphone xr graphics is meduim, brightness is low, low power mode is also off, anti-aliasing is also off

You could keep your device plugged in during cruise.

So you have other back ground apps running at the same time as Infinite Flight?

IF is a very taxing app without a charger. It’s normal to not have great battery life when running it. Like @Claudio mentioned, keeping your phone connected to power is probably a smart way to go.

nope closed all apps

when it’s plugged in the battery stays the same. do you think i should get a bteery replacement

Would you mind going to settings > battery and screenshot thing that page for us? And then go to settings > battery > battery health and screenshot that too.

i’ll send it in a bit. when i open another app when playing infinite flight it quits

Right, good idea. Well when you do, we will be able to better determine if this is a charging problem or not based off of the slope of battery decline.

As you know, IF is a very demanding game when you do a long flight you should have your device on Low Power Mode and brightness low this always helps your battery and preserves it

Just plug up your phone turn brightness and sound all the way down, dont use low power mode.

Any app that is constantly running, like Infinite Flight, will potentially use the battery quicker than normal. However there are a few things you can do to help.

  • If possible, fly with the device plugged in. Make sure you are using the original plug or a high quality replacement.
  • In your Infinite flight settings, make sure low power mode is checked. This reduces the frame rate automatically when the device is not being actively being used. (Cruising, over night, etc)
  • Lower your screen brightness if possible. Having a constantly backl-it screen will use more power.
  • Limit background running apps. Twitter, facebook, etc all constantly poll the internet at regular intervals which increases usage time and drain on your battery.

Hope this helps.


Adding to Chris’s u can do some minor tweaks like during cruise keeping your camera views away from scenery and focussing it on somewhere else say cockpit some place
This helps in :

  • Reduce crashes due to scenery loading
  • Reduces the memory usage to load scenery
  • THE advantage is you get a good flight performance till landing
  • Do note that performance may change if you are flying to a hub
  • Having settings as Chris mentioned shud improve your battery usage and plus scenery tweak

okay i’ll do that

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