Battery Problems

When I was doing my flight I woke up to my phone dead. It was charging but IF drained it and it couldn’t finish my Long Haul Flight

iPhone 6s with 73% battery efficiency. Started flight with 80% or so

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Long haul flights have worked in the past. I use minimum settings

Did you have any other apps going? If so that will really drain the battery, also screen brightness should be turned down.

IF takes up a lot of battery life so turning on the battery saver should help

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I did, about the apps running…maybe… Ive done everything perfectly before my last long haul RJTT-EGLL

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Did you have on limit frame rate and low power mode?

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Yes I did have both

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Did you have brightness up? What device are you using? Nevermind, barely read the post

Looks more like a charger problem based on that curve.

The decline rate is the same when charging as it was before you put the charger in.


I have found that the larger Apple charger box works better than there new ones you get with the phone

The charging up curve I used my charger downstairs, then during the curve down I plugged it in up

Then probably an issue with the socket you used. Maybe use another one in another room.

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I could be that your phone is 4 generations old, I’ve notice personally when Apple release a new phone the other ones slow down and battery life drops


Sometimes they indicate that they’re charging but actually aren’t. It happens. Hopefully just a one time thing :)

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I use this chrome adapter downstairs. Last night when taking off I used this

I used this overnight

They are two different chargers connected to two different adapters

This is a simple problem between input and output. If you have your screen too bright, IF running, WIFI on, bluetooth on, etc it can end up using more power than what your charger is supplying. If all of this is done, then it could be the charger as many stated above.

  • Make sure you are using a quality charger. Voltage matters. Just because the plug fits does not mean it is charging well.
  • Turn down your screen brightness all the way before sleeping
  • Make sure other apps are not running. Twitter, instagram, etc constantly poll the internet which take up batter usage and CPU.

I make sure to turn off all settings and leave it on lowest possible. But I think it is the socket and the adapter. I will fly overnight again tonight and check it out


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