Battery problem during flights

Ever since the update every time I do a flight no matter how long it is, the game kills my battery and I can’t complete a flight. This has never happened in the past and I don’t want to stop playing the game but I might half to. Does anyone know how to fix this issue cause I’ve tried so many thing

Charge your phone while doing long flights. Also what phone are you using?


Things you can do to your device to improve battery usage during flights:

• Make sure your battery is full
• close all background apps
• Restart your phone before your flight
• use low power mode
• dim screen brightness to 0 when you are cruising
• charge your phone during flights
• Keep your phone cool! Place it in front of a fan and try and keep it elevated or lean it up on something.
• Check to make sure you don’t have a software update for your phone available

Things to do in IF to help frame rate and battery:

• Turn on “Automatic low power mode” - located in general settings
• Turn on “Limit Frame rate” - located in Graphics settings
• Turn off “Anti analyzing” - located in Graphics settings
• clear “scenery cache” - located in General settings
• adjust and lower your graphics to a setting of your preference.
• delete the app and reinstall if nothing works, reinstall the app.

I hope some of these helped.


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