Battery Power Setting in Status Bar

I can’t tell you how many times I had a great flight in IF, until my phone died. My reasons

  • (listed above ^^^)
  • There’s already an option for Network Connection and Local Time

Doesn´t your phone have the low battery warning?
Anyways, always make sure to have your phone fully charged before even starting IF.


Always have it fully charged and you´ll be able to make at least two full flights. I would rest after one though, I get tired.


I don’t think it’s a stupid idea at all. I’d love a battery icon in the options bar.


You can check how much battery you have by enabling the option to display the “%” number of battery left at the left of the battery icon, and then sliding down the thumb to see how much is left.
On Android, go to settings, battery, and check on the “show in numbers the remaining battery”:

I’m aware of that.

Just saying though. Its the easiest thing for me at least.

Stupid idea? Naah! Even with a fully charged iPad pro, the battery drains quite fast when controlling… Or perhaps the time just goes by way too fast… Haha


Or have it on menu screens like they do on some other apps (mainly admin ones).

I think this is a great feature!

There is a glitch with iOS 9 on my phone. Most of the time, my phone dies at around 35% for no reason. The warnings start at 20%.

Maybe you should send it to customer service.

Doesn’t bother me that much. Besides, I would rather upgrade to an iPhone 6S+. But this is why I want the feature.

go to apple if it dies at 35% your phone’s battery has likely failed. they will replace it for free as the battery has a 5 year warranty

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And plus! When your on Live and you exit IF to check your battery power, you can’t connect back to the servers

Never had a problem with this but a good idea still

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When starting at 100% battery, I can take a T&G tour of the large airports of a region (Cruising at a slow 245 kts AS at 8,000 or 6,000 ft.) then do a short domestic flight (SNA-NUC was last night’s) and still have enough battery to check here and see if I’ve been spotted (Always no).

However, it’s a completely different story if I start at 50 or 60%, which is common, so I support this idea.


On android you can download this app called energy bar. Its a line at the top of the screen, fully customizable color and size for free.

So your goal would be to keep that line long enough for your flight without having to do additional stuff. Its always on, except when screen is off.

111 days after last post, i think this idea will be eventually alway necessary…
Necessary as “Connection Status” or “Server” never used :)

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I NEED IT! Me want and me want it now!😂