Battery Optimisation

I have been using IF simulator for more than a year. I have observed it eats a lot of battery. I’m on my Android Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. The simulator easily runs on max settings. Also, there is inbuilt power saving option but it gets disabled when you are on the screen.

Is there any battery optimisation program running on which the developers are working, where it uses lesser power than currently it uses?


I also use a S 21 and i partially agree with you but eh idk seems good to me theres a mode for screen saver on the corner of the screen which doesnt turn off the phone but makes the brightness go to 0 you can try this maybe


I have tried it, but let’s be serious who keeps the phone idle while being in simulator 😅😅

Placing your device on a cooling fan/pad during your flight helps a lot when it comes to saving battery!


Taking your phones case off helps alot with cooling and increasing performance.


I mean for longer flights when you need to be afk 😭


My phone doesn’t have performance issue, neither it heats a lot. But, it consumes a hell lot if battery power.

It’s an option of the Samsung Game Launcher, screen off and locked, CPU and GPU stress reduced and battery optimisation. I dont plug my device (only 9 hours + flights).

Go to your setting : App → Infinite FLight → Battery. You can change the way your phone handle the battery especially for IF.

Turn down all the graphics to low, that can help with performance issues.

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Same here but I take my phones case off rather to preserve the battery and to prevent heat damage.

I have plenty performance my phones never once crashed and is never slow. More or less a safety measure.

Apple needs a feature like this where it locks the phone without actually putting the phone to sleep! That would come in handy as I usually just do long-haul/overnight flying

They probably will as iPhone is in habit of incorporating Android features later in their updates :p