Battery not charging more than 81% during a flight

I’m having some troubles with battery after 20.2. Specially my device isn’t charging more than 81%. My device is an Ipad Pro 2018 11 inch, bought a couple of months ago so I don’t think my device is the problem.

Apple has it set so that if you enable Optimized Charging, it won’t go above 80% unless it detects you’ll need to.

Edit: Disregard this. Misread iPad for iPhone.

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How do I solve that @ToasterStroodie?

If that’s possible

Settings > Battery > Optimized Battery Charging > Toggle Off (tap the green dot and it will become gray)

Oh thank you so much @ToasterStroodie @Z-Tube!! Really appreciate it


Man talk about a very productive #support topic. Well done guys😂

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Eh. Just two tech nerds/Apple fans with nothing else to do, lol.

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Just gonna amend things here due to an oversight/misreading of OP’s original post.

Since he’s on an iPad, there is no option to see Battery Health or have Optimized Battery Charging enabled. The iPad had no issue charging above 100% outside of Infinite Flight, and since the OP leaves the iPad plugged in for longer periods of time when running Infinite Flight, it’s more likely than not the device itself preventing the charge from going any higher as a result of saving the battery. All charging equipment used is what came in the box. OP was told via PM there was nothing to worry about.

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Solution provided.