Battery not charging during flight

(sorry to make another complaint but not really about 20.1) basically My flight did not crash but During a medium haul flight my battery stays at 78% while charging for a long time without a raise, I did restart the app and my graphics are around medium and i did mute and lower brightness so any suggestions?

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I’m assuming IF is using your battery as quickly as it’s charging. Try turning your graphics even lower during your en route phase.

The servers are very full right now so it drains a lot of battery. This could also be because your charger doesn’t produce enough power to allow it to gain battery.

The amount of planes on the server isn’t going to affect battery life. Although turning down aircraft count you can see may help.

@GameBoy_KIRB just as @TheInitialVirus said, lower your graphics settings and lower your screen brightness. Your device is using its battery power just as quickly as it’s gaining it.

already did lower the screen brightness and muted during start and started lowered airplane count, and graphics and cleared scenery cache

I read different in another topic:

( I actually know the the servers are full and im like in a not so busy airspace “auckland”)

Yes, but I would expect the battery problem to get better as the servers calm down.

OK My battery charged up the second time during my second flight this will be closed